RCCG Pastor, Son And Daughter Drown At A Resort In Spain

RCCG Pastor, Son And Daughter Drown At A Resort In Spain

Safety tips to observe while swimming.

Swimming is a lot of fun and one of the exercises doctors recommend for pregnant women due to its low impact on muscles. However, the danger of drowning is real. Even people who know how to swim can drown. It is important you observe the safety rules in swimming.

The Importance of Safety Rules In Swimming

Gabriel Diya and comfort diya

On Christmas eve, a tragic accident occurred at a resort in Spain. Gabriel Diya, an RCCG pastor, his 16-year-old son, and 9-year-old daughter all died in a swimming accident at Cosa Del resort in Spain. Investigations revealed that there was no problem with the pool’s filtration and pump system. Also, reports confirmed that neither of them knew how to swim. Apparently, the 9-year-old who had taken some swimming lessons was playing in the pool when she drifted to the deep end. Her brother jumped in to rescue her and also got stuck. While one of the sisters ran out to find a lifeguard, their father jumped in too in a moment of panic.

Drowning is the second most cause of death for children under 14. And because it can happen within a timeframe for 2 minutes, it leaves little time to save anyone. This is not to discourage you from swimming, instead ensure you observe these  safety rules while swimming:

Rules To observe while swimming

  • Be prepared

It is important you learn how to swim properly and be sure you know how to stay afloat.

  • Be conscious of depth markers

Pools usually have large numbers written on the side to mark its depth. Be mindful of these and stay within your limits.

  • Never swim unsupervised

Even adults who can swim should observe this rule. There should always be someone with you while you swim. It is important that this is someone who can swim as well, to protect you from any mishap. Also, swim where a lifeguard can see you.

  • Use life jackets

Use inflatable life jackets

If you are learning to swim, wear a life jacket. There are other approved floating devices you can use as well. But keep in mind that they can deflate

  • Drink lots of water

drink water

This is to make sure you don't get dehydrated while swimming. Although, your body stays cool while swimming, you are still losing a lot of energy.

  • Do not push or shove anyone

The area surrounding pools are often slippery. Don't push or shove anyone even as a joke. It is possible the person does not know how to swim. And a worse accident could occur if they hit their head on a sharp edge.

  • Watch the weather

Stormy weather often leads to lightning which is unsafe if you are in any body of water. When lightning hits the water it creates electricity which can electrocute you to death. It is generally not safe to swim in stormy weather, including indoors.

safety rules in swimming

  • Try to not panic

In the case of accidents, try to remain calm. Jumping into a pool when you can't swim to save someone else might lead to disaster. Call out for a lifeguard instead.

  • Don't swim in the dark

For obvious reasons, you can't see clearly while swimming in the dark. In case anything happens, others might not see you too.

  • Follow the rules

Different pools have their rules. If you can't see any, ask the manager. Those rules are to keep you safe, so ensure you follow them.

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