109 Strong Female Names From All Over Africa

109 Strong Female Names From All Over Africa

One of the beautiful traditions in Africa is the high attention we pay to names and their significance. Check out this comprehensive list of strong female names from all over Africa!

African names carry with them stories of tradition and culture. For this reason, it is possible to identify from which part of Africa a person comes from just by their name. And when it comes to strong female names, the length and breadth of Africa have got the best of them.

A list of Strong female African names

As an African parent, the first gift you give to your child is a strong, confident, and unique African name. Names connect us to everything we hold dear, including our heritage, our past and prophecies for the future. However, when choosing a name for your child, consider that some of these names are religious as well as cultural.

East Africa

strong female names

    1. Azmera: Male And Female Name In Both Amharic And Tigrinya Languages Of Ethiopia. It Means “Harvest.”
    2. Aminia: A Kiswahili Word Meaning “To Believe In.”
    3. Ayan: Somali Female Name Meaning “Bright.”
    4. Adanech: Amharic And Tigrinya Of Ethiopia Female Name Meaning “She Has Rescued Them.”
    5. Adhiambo: Luo Of Kenya Name For Females Born After Sunset.
    6. Aziza: Somali Name Meaning “Gorgeous.”
    7. Aza: Swahili Name Meaning “Powerful.”
    8. Amanishakhete: The Name Of One Of The Candaces, Or Queen Mothers, Of The Nubian Kingdom Of Kush (Now Northern Sudan).
    9. Amara: In The Legends Of Abyssinia (Now Ethiopia) Amara Is The Name For Paradise.
    10. Asmina: Female Name Of The Nubian Peoples Of Southern Sudan.
    11. Ashia: Somali Female Name Referring To The Prophet Muhammed’s Favourite Wife.
    12. Bahati: This Kiswahili Word For “Luck, Fortune” Is Also A Female Name Used In Swahili Cultures.
    13. Balinda: A Rutooro Of Uganda Name Meaning “Patience, Endurance, Fortitude.”
    14. Berhane: Female And Male Name In The Amharic And Tigrinya Languages Of Ethiopia Which Means “My Light.”
    15. Bibi: An East African Female Name Meaning “Daughter Of A King.”
    16. Bupe: A Nyakyusa Of Tanzania Female Name Meaning “Hospitality.”
    17. Chicha: A Kiswahili Word Meaning “Grated Coconut.”
    18. Chiku: A Swahili Female Name Meaning “Chatterer.”
    19. Deka: Somali name meaning “one who pleases.”

More strong female names from East Africa

names from east africa

    1. Desta: Amharic of Ethiopia unisexual name meaning “joy, happiness.”
    2. Eshe: Swahili female name meaning “life.”
    3. Esiankiki: A Masai and Tanzania word meaning “young maiden.”
    4. Fana: Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning “light.”
    5. Hadiya, Hadiyah: Swahili name meaning “gift.”
    6. Halima, Halimah: Swahili name meaning “gentle, humane, kind.”
    7. Hawa: Swahili name meaning “longing.”
    8. Iman: Somali and Muslim name meaning “faith.”
    9. Jaha: Swahili name meaning “dignity.”
    10. Jwahir: Somali name meaning “golden woman.”
    11. Kamaria: Swahili and Somali name meaning “like the moon.”
    12. Kanika: Kenyan name meaning “black material.”
    13. Kibibi: Swahili name meaning “little lady.”
    14. Kifle: Ethiopian name meaning “my class.”
    15. Leta: Swahili name meaning “bring.”
    16. Lulu: Swahili and Muslim name meaning “pearl” or “precious.”
    17. Makda: Ethiopian version of Hebrew Magda, meaning “high tower”
    18. Makena: Kikuyu of Kenya name meaning “the happy one.”
    19. Mapenzi, Mpenzi: Swahili name meaning “beloved.”
    20. Marjani: Swahili name meaning “coral.”
    21. Meseret: Ethiopian name “Base”
    22. Nadra, Nadira: Kiswahili name meaning “unusual.”
    23. Nagesa: Lugisu of Uganda name meaning “born in the harvest season.”
    24. Nishan: Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning “award, medal.”
    25. Raziya: Swahili name meaning “sweet, agreeable.”
    26. Rehema: Swahili name meaning “compassion.”
    27. Rhaxma: Somali name meaning “sweet.”
    28. Safia, Safiya, Safiyeh, Safiyyah: Swahili and Arabic name meaning “pure and wise” or “lion’s share.”
    29. Sauda: Swahili name meaning “black-skinned.”
    30. Shani: Swahili name meaning “marvellous.”
    31. Sharufa: Swahili and Somali name meaning “distinguished” and “outstanding.”
    32. Sisay: Amharic of Ethiopia unisexual name meaning “omen of good things, a blessing.”
    33. Tandra: Madagascar name meaning “mole” or “beauty marks.”
    34. Tsedey: Ethiopian name meaning “spring”
    35. Wagaye: Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning “my sense of value” or “my price.”
    36. Wambui, Wamboi: Kikuyu of Kenya name meaning “singer.”
    37. Wub: Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning “gorgeous, beautiful.”

West Africa

west african names

    1. Alitash: Gambian name to rely on God,
    2. Ada: Igbo of Nigeria name for firstborn females.
    3. Adamma: Igbo of Nigeria female name meaning “beautiful child” or “queenly.”
    4. Agbenyaga: Ewe of Ghana name meaning “life is precious.”
    5. Aminata: A popular female name among the Wolof of Senegal.
    6. Adeola: Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “crown of honour.”
    7. Akim: According to an Ibibio of Nigeria folktale, Akim was a gorgeous, fat, young woman made of oil who melted in the sun while doing farm labour.
    8. Adetoun: Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “princess.”
    9. Annakiya: This means “sweet face” in the Hausa language.
    10. Ashaki: West African female name meaning “beautiful.”
    11. Azinza: The word for “mermaid” in the Mina language of Togo.
    12. Binata: A popular Wolof of Senegal name for females
    13. Binta: West African female name meaning “with God.”
    14. Dela Eden: Ewe of West Africa unisexual name meaning “saviour.”
    15. Esinam: Ewe of Ghana name meaning “God heard me.”
    16. Hola: Ewe of Ghana name meaning “saviour.”
    17. Iverem: Tiv of Nigeria name meaning “blessing, favour.”
    18. Ifeoma: Igbo of Nigeria name meaning “it’s a good thing” and “beautiful.”
    19. Mariama: Popular W. African name meaning “gift of God.”
    20. Naki: Adangbe of Ghana name meaning “firstborn girl.”
    21. Ola: Igbo of Nigeria name meaning “precious, worth.”
    22. Onaedo: Igbo of Nigeria female name meaning “gold.
    23. Sadio: Name from W.African French-speaking countries meaning “pure.”
    24. Sela: Ewe of W. Africa unisexual name meaning “saviour.”
    25. Tarana: Hausa of Nigeria name meaning “born during the day.”
    26. Tafui: Mina of Togo name meaning “to appreciate God; Glory to God.”
    27. Urenna: Igbo of Nigeria name meaning “father’s pride.”South Africa

South African female names

  1. Acacia: “Thorny.” (Modern African corruption Ocacia- Well rooted and strong, like the Acacia tree)
  2. Assaggi: Zimbabwe name meaning “strong.”
  3. Iyangura: Nyanja of Zambia name meaning “to arbitrate”
  4. Japera: Shona of Zimbabwe name meaning “offer thanks.”
  5. Katura: Female Zimbabwe name meaning “take a burden off my mind.”
  6. Lindiwe: Xhosa of S. African name meaning “have waited.”
  7. Mandisa: Xhosa of S. Africa name meaning “sweet.”
  8. Massassi: Makoni of Zimbabwe legend name for the first woman on earth.
  9. Nehanda: Zezuru name meaning “the beautiful one has arrived.”
  10. Nehandi: Zezuru of Zimbabwe name meaning “hardiness.”
  11. Njemile: Ngoni of Malawi name meaning “upstanding.”
  12. Sekai: Popular Zimbabwe name meaning “laughter.”
North Africa
  1. Akilah: Intelligent one who reasons.
  2. Aurora: Means “Dawn.”
  3. Cleopatra: Cleopatra VII reigned as Queen of Egypt from 51-30 B.C
  4. Habiba: Muslim name popular in Somalia and N. Africa meaning “beloved, sweetheart.”
  5. Ismitta: Mythical N. African name for the southern wind, meaning “Daughter of the Mountains of the Moon.”
  6. Teruworq: Means “good gold.”

Strong female names from Central Africa

  1. Amber: Muslim female name meaning “amber, brownish-yellow,” or “jewel.”
  2. Andromeda: Means “Ruler of men.”
  3. Bela: A Congo word meaning “to perch.”
  4. Crispina: A female name meaning “curly-haired.”
  5. Fanta: Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire name meaning “beautiful day.”
  6. Leza: Central African name meaning “one who besets.”
  7. Makemba: Central African name referring to a Congolese goddess.
  8. Saran: Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire name meaning “joy.”

Just like names from other continents, names of African origin have also travelled beyond our borders, into other continents. You may see names that look like they come from anywhere else but Africa. This list points you to their true origin.

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