12 Indoor Activities For Kids During The Coronavirus Outbreak

12 Indoor Activities For Kids During The Coronavirus Outbreak

With the shutdown of schools due to COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria from Monday, March 23rd, 2020, you might be looking for indoor activities to keep your kids entertained while they are at home.

Many parents build their everyday routine with their children considering school, church and other outdoor activities as factors. However, with the World Health Organisation recommending social distancing, other states might be adopting the same measure and parents are looking at a lot of indoor time with their kids. In fact, even if your state is not participating in the stay at home, the Easter holiday is around the corner.

To help keep your kids occupied and entertained, this article will focus on indoor activities for kids during this coronavirus pandemic.

Indoor activities for kids during the coronavirus pandemic

During Easter break, like other holidays in Nigeria, children expect to have some semblance of fun under normal circumstances. However, the situation this time is far from normal, so parents will have to make do with indoor activities. Below are some indoor activities with which you can keep your child occupied during the forthcoming stay at home period and beyond:

nigerian card game whot

  • WHOT (Nigerian Card Game)

If you grew up in Nigeria, you most likely feel nostalgic now. It was a big part of most of our childhood while growing up. Even as adults, many still enjoy it. This is a good time to teach your kids how to play this game and its exciting tricks.  A pack of cards costs about 300 naira.

  • Sticky Match-Up

This is a bit like hide and seek, only that one child seeks out hidden shapes, letters, numbers, and words on sticky notes. Have your child match those notes on a key hanging on the wall.

  • Balloon Ping pong

This game doesn't require much and it can keep your kids active. Get two strong balloons, blow them to moderate sizes, and have your kids pass them to each other with homemade bats.

  • Suwe (Hopscotch)

Remember that game you used to play as a child where you had to jump through a series of squares drawn in the mud outside? You can create this for your kids indoors during this Easter holiday. All you need is a masking tape with which you can draw a series of squares on the tiles. Number the squares so the child can count as he hops from one to the next.

indoor activities for kids during coronavirus

  • Ludo

Ludo is a great game to keep your kids occupied. It can also help them to develop their mathematical skills. And it's quite engrossing, so this can really take up their time while you work or attend to something else. It is a board game that is readily available in the market.

  • Paper Airplanes

Many Nigerian kids already know how to make aeroplanes on paper, but you can teach your child if she doesn't know how to create one. To make it interesting, cut holes into a paper target and put it up on the wall. Then, they can take turns throwing to see whose target is better.

  • Yoga Videos

Check YouTube for child-friendly yoga you can practice with your kids while indoor during this Easter. Change and adapt the poses to suit you and your child's needs, but make sure you all wear comfortable clothing.

building blocks with your kids

  • Building blocks

You can get building blocks at a supermarket or where kids' toys are sold. This is another game that can be played solo or with siblings.

  • Nail Painting

Have your child cut out two hands from a carton, mark out the nail area and then let her use them for practice. Kids love to polish nails, and this is an opportunity to let them practice without smudging their own nails.

  • Create Sugar Writing Tray

This is a way to keep the spirit of learning alive since many schools will be closed during this time. All you need to create this is a shallow tray and some sugar, cornmeal, salt or sand. Pour two cups of sugar in the tray, add a few drops of gel food colouring, and mix with your hands. Let your child practice writing across the sugar on the tray.

  • Actual Ping Pong

Ping pong is like an informal version of table tennis. It can be played indoors and you don't necessarily need a professional ping pong table. You can create a makeshift ping pong table and a net divider on the floor or even on any table you have at home. You can get ping pong balls in most stationery stores across Nigeria.

indooor activities for kids during coronaviruss

  • Drawing

Kids and toddlers can participate in this. All you need are drawing paper, pencils and crayons for colouring. You can put up their work in a frame if possible and even hold a mini art exhibition for them at home.

Some children are used to playing with their mates, so you may have to join in the fun if your child has no other sibling to play with. You can let the child have some screen time by putting it in the routine so that he/she knows when it's time. If staying indoors persists until after Easter, understand that this is a difficult time and some days will go better than others with the kids. Let's all do our part as we hope for the best.

If anyone is feeling unwell and showing COVID-19 symptoms of fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath, please go to the nearest hospital or call the NCDC Numbers:

Toll-Free Number: 0800 9700 0010

Whatsapp: +234708 711 0839

  • SMS Number: +234809 955 5577


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Source: Busy Toddler, Buzzfeed,

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Lydia Ume