Check Out13 Memorable Moments for BB9ja 2019

Check Out13 Memorable Moments for BB9ja 2019

BBnaija reality show for 2019 get plenty pepper for inside. Make we look at dem 13 memorable moments for BBnaija 2019. Everybodi don enter one drama or de oda.

Dem pack BB9ja reality show for 2019 with plenty pepper for inside. Dis edition na im dey call “Pepper Dem”. Make we look at dem 13 memorable moments for BB9ja 2019.

  1. Fake Eviction

Check Out13 Memorable Moments for BB9ja 2019

To de surprise of people Big brother evict Seyi and Tasha from de house on Sunday, 21 July. All dem housemate think sey dem don go be dat. But Big brother don arrange anoda room for de house where im carry Seyi and Tasha put.

  1. Return of de evicted

return of de evicted

Three days after dem don separate dem from dem other housemates, Seyi and Tasha show face again for de house. But before dem show, news don dey run around sey dem other housemates dey expect celebrity guest for de house. Come see preparation. Na so Big brother take surprise dem with de return of Seyi and Tasha.

  1. Seyi curse Thelma

seyi thelma fight

Seyi waka go meet Thelma come mess for her face. De tin vex Thelma and she rubbish Seyi for wetin im do. Na so de tin burst to trade of words between dem. Words wey come out nor nice.

  1. New house mates

Elozonam and Venita Bbnaija

As part of de pepper for de house one of de memorable moments for BB9ja 2019 na wen big brother bring dem four other housemates to de house. And dis new housemates no be fake housemate, dem dey compete for de money too.

  1. Gedoni and Khafi love affair

Gedon Khaffi Love

Gedoni and Khafi na lover birds for de house. Dem don share plenty moments together holding hands and kissing. One or two times we don see Gedoni and Khafi for de Big brother house as dem dey shake body under duvet – even though Gedoni yan sey nothing happen.

  1. Tacha reply to Ebuka

ebuka and tacha

As usual Ebuka question dem housemates on de eviction day. Im ask Tacha make she give three characteristics wey Big brother winner suppose get. Na so Tacha reply with “Tacha, Tacha, Tacha”. Dat reply vex Ebuka and many people react online about how Tasha take reply.

  1. Joe and Tacha share words

De two of dem fight and Joe response na epic- im talk sey tasha eyelashes high pass her IQ. De fight lead to strike from big brother.

  1. Mercy threaten Ike

Mercy and Ike na lover birds for de house too. Mercy dey up for eviction and de fear to go back house make her dey word with Ike. One tim lead to another and na so fight take start. Mercy yan sey Ike fail for America and na im make am come BB9ja and if she still dey de house she go make sure sey Ike no win. Dem sha don settle am.

  1. MerIke win 2 million naira

Dem two, Mercy and Ike pair for de Munch it. Dem win because na dem get de highest vote.

  1. Kaffi win car

khaffi wins car

Kaffi win 7.6 million car for de Proudly Nigerian challenge. She go go home with IVM Fox car.

  1. Frodd wash Esther’s undies

Frodd and Esther get something wey dey go on between dem, whether na fraud or na true. One of dem moments wey we capture for de house na wen two of dem dey wash and we see Esther’s undie near Frodd who dey wash. Esther later deny sey im dey wash her undie after dem don evict her.

  1. Venita curse Big brother

After one of dem Saturday party, Venita don drunk. Big brother delay to give dem hot water and Venita don already bath with cold water. By de time Big brother go tell dem sey hot water don ready, Venita reply am with “thunder fire you” Na one funny memorable moment for BB9ja house.

  1. Jidenna enta big brother houseJidenna big brother

Big brother ask make housemates free as Jidenna and Ebuka enter de house. Later dat Sunday, Jidenna meet with dem housemates.

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Tony S Abiodun