20 beautiful wedding anniversary prayers

20 beautiful wedding anniversary prayers

Here is the perfect wedding anniversary prayer to send to your spouse or friends. This is to celebrate the journey you have had with your spouse.

Wedding anniversaries are a time to celebrate the love that has kept couples going for as long as they did. For many couples, this is a big deal, a milestone, and you may want to forward your best wishes by sending a beautiful wedding anniversary prayer. Here are 20 beautiful wedding anniversary prayers to celebrate the love of your life. 

20 beautiful wedding anniversary prayer

wedding anniversary prayer

  1. As you celebrate your wedding anniversary today, my prayer for you is that you continue to wax stronger in love. Happy anniversary. 
  2. Your union is exemplary, an embodiment of what love looks like. May the years continue to be kind to you. Cheers.
  3. Happy anniversary to you two. Let love continue to lead your union. 
  4. Blemished as we all are, it is no mean feat to stay in love with the same person for this long. But you both did it. And I hope you continue together. Happy anniversary. 
  5. Here's to a merrier, happier, and fuller experience as you celebrate your anniversary today. Cheers. 
  6. Wedding anniversaries aren't just numbers on the calendar. They are evidence of how much we've gone through and are still standing strong. You both have come so far together. Here's to more.
  7. Your union is an inspiration to those of us who aspire to get married someday. Happy anniversary. 
  8. I am so happy for both of you, and I hope that as you continue in love, laughter shall never depart from your mouths. Happy anniversary. 
  9. Congratulations on your 20th wedding anniversary. You both are an amazing picture of what is possible with love. Happy anniversary. 
  10. Sickness shall be far from the both of you today and forever. That is my wish for you on this anniversary. Here's to many years. Cheers. 

10 More Messages

wedding anniversary prayer

  1. After this many years, how have you continued to radiate this much love? Such a remarkable feat! Happy anniversary. 
  2. Wow! Another year has passed since your last anniversary. How time flies. I still have in my mind's eye the picture of both of you the day you took your vows. Happy to say it turned out the way we all expected it would. Happy anniversary. 
  3. It's that time of the year again to celebrate what a wonderful union you have. Your union is such a blessing. I celebrate you today.
  4. As a couple, you are a walking dream to many. May that dream never fades away. Happy anniversary. 
  5. You guys rock! I pray that the bond in your union grows stronger, never to weaken through the wear and tear of the years. Happy anniversary. 
  6. I hope that someday I, too, can find the kind of amazing love you both share. May your flames never go out. Cheers.
  7. Here's to a couple that has spent every minute together for the last ten years without getting tired of each other. Long may it continue!
  8. The universe knew exactly what it was doing when it brought you two together. You've kept going through the years, guided by the finger of love. Happy anniversary. 
  9. I remember you both have doubts at the onset of your union, but look at you two now. Five years have passed already. I wish you both eternal love and light. 
  10. Your hearts have sung the same melody through the years. You two are amazing. Thank you for being a shining light to the rest of us. Happy anniversary. 


Each message can be modified to convey your wishes better. 

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