2020 African Fashion And Design: Trends You Need To Get On

2020 African Fashion And Design: Trends You Need To Get On

These are the 2020 African fashion and design inspos for the fashion-forward woman. It will ensure you stand out at any event

If there was ever a time when Ankara print is going to become even red hot, it is the year 2020. This year saw the introduction of dynamic and powerful Ankara styles, but the 2020 African fashion and design scene is expected to witness a boom. African designers are becoming even more innovative and daring with their designs. Designs that are inclusive of all ages, body types, and colour. Most importantly, these Ankara designs are so diverse in style that there is something in the archive for you no matter what the occasion is. Whether you're attending a wedding or owambe, church or mosque, a simple evening outing or an elaborate dinner, a birthday party or just an informal party with friends, there's is an Ankara style cut out for the occasion. Those in the corporate world are not left out.

Additionally, the intricate designs that come with the Ankara print combine with the style to give anyone who wears it the kind of exquisite appearance no other textile might be able to offer. With the new year upon us, we bring you popular Ankara style that will leave you looking even more dapper in the new year.

2020 African fashion and design: most popular Ankara styles for the new year

Below are the most popular Ankara styles for the new year.

  • The bomber jacket

The bomber jacket gives you a bossy look that is a mix between formal and informal. Can be worn with a short gown underneath whose colours blend and compliments one another.

2020 African fashion and design

  • The Co-ord set

The Ankara Co-ord set is so versatile that you can wear it in many ways. This options will help bring even more colour and style to your wardrobe.

2020 African fashion and design

  • The Dolman Sleeve Jumpsuit

If you're wondering if one can use Ankara to design a jumpsuit, the answer is a resounding yes. And this Ankara jumpsuit can hold its own in a set of jumpsuits from anywhere in the world. The Ankara jumpsuit is surely a head-turner.

2020 African fashion and design

  • The Gypsy Elastic Dress

The Ankara print and style combine to give you a mellowed and classy look. The style was adopted by the African fashion and design scene from the Caribbean.

  • The Halter Neck Dress

The sight of the Halter Neck Dress is going to please you greatly. The knee-length and slim neck-straps combine awesomely to give you a youngish and standout look.

  • The Off-the-shoulder Mixed Print Dress

As the name implies, this style is an off-shoulder dress, but what really magnifies the beauty of this is your designer's ability to combine colours that complement each other. No style shows itself off as one with a combination of two different Ankara prints.


The new year will see the innovation of even more styles, but before then these popular Ankara styles will colour your new year.

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