Baby Development and milestones:Your 3 Months Old Pikin

Baby Development and milestones:Your 3 Months Old Pikin

The first year of a newborn's life is one of the fastest in human development, so what exactly can your tiny 3 month old baby do now?

Na wa o. Just now just now, you don get 3 months old pikin for house. Abeg how di time fly pass. Shebi na yesterday you just born am. Now wen your smally don turn 3 months old, no be new born pikin he be again o, na infant he don become be dat.

Dis your small pikin don truli come far, but he still get plenti thing wen he need to learn. With betta care and ogbonge correct informate, you sef go surprise  d way wen your pikin go take grow dis month, even d months wen dey come sef. Na wetin you go expect from your 3 months old pikin be dis so.

3 Month Old Pikin Development: Hope Sey Your Pikin Dey On Track? 

3 month old baby development infographic


Physical Development Of 3 Months Old Pikin

Now wen your pikin don sabi as he dey take move him hand, he go start to dey use him hand and finger take dey touch things wen dey around am. He go even dey drag things join sef. He go come dey aware of different pipu wen dey around am pass before. He go dey use him nose take seperate pipu wen he sabi from d ones wen he no sabi.

Wen you look him body, he go be like angel now. Him head with him body go don balance out , you go even start to see fat around him thigh and him arm dem.

By now, your pikin median length and weight* go be:

  • Boys
    – Length: 61.4 cm (24.2 inches)
    – Weight: 6.4 kg (14.1lb)
  • Girls
    – Length: 59.9 cm (23.6 inches)
    – Weight: 6.0 kg (13.3lb)

And your pikin head go be:

  • Boys: 40.5 cm (15.9 in)
  • Girls: 39.5 cm (15.6 in)

3 months fit no tey for some pipu eye, but your pikin dey grow fast pass as you sef think am. For example, your 3 months old pikin no only sabi as he dey move him hand,he don gather muscle strength to take dey support him head.

In particular, your small pikin suppose don dey:

  • Gather betta upper body strength, especially for him neck muscle and wen na tummy time. He suppose don dey use him arm take support him head and chest and he go don sabi how to raise himself.  
  • Gather strength for him lower-bodi. Once dis month don dey end, your pikin go don fit stretch him leg out, he go don even dey kick am without any wahala once he lie down for him belle.
  • Him neck strength go don dey betta.  Your pikin head no go dey shake wen you hold am upright. 
  • Suppose get hand/eye coordination, he go don dey open/close him hand, go don sabi bring him two hand together. 
  • Bring him hands near him mouth. He go don sabi bring him hand com him mouth, he go don even dey grab toy. For dis him age, he go don dey use saliva take blow bubble. No forget sey if you wan give am toy, no give am small small toy wen he fit put for mouth as e go fit choke am. 
  • Roll on top him back. Within some weeks, your sweet pikin go don dey roll on top him belle if you place am for him back. Sha dey careful wen you dey change him diaper or wen you dey follow am play on top your  bed. 

You go happy to sabi sey no be only to move your pikin sabi do. Him senses wen don dey develop go soon make am understand as d world take be, especially d part of him body wen he dey use take:

  • Touch. Wen your pikin don reach 3 months old, he go start to dey aware of things wen dey happen around am. To touch different things go don dey interest am. Your pikin no go onli dey put something for him mouth, he go don sabi put him two hand together. 
  • Sound. Once some days don reach, your pikin go don dey respond to you once him hear your voice, he go start to turn him head dey give you smile.  He go get love for all kind music, and once sound loud, he go turn. 
  • Sight. Look your pikin. He go don sabi look you for eye dey maintain eye contact. He go don even sabi your face, even sef your scent, mama. If you put am for front of mirror, he go like to look himself.

3 month old pikin


  • Give your pikin some colour toy rings wen get bright colour, rattle or oda toys wen him age fit use. Dey look am as he go take grab d toy for him hand (he go even put am for mouth).
  • Buy cloth wen get different texture make your pikin for fit touch. He go sabi as textures dem take be, he go come sabi how he go dey use him finger and muscle dem.
  • Try gada different thing wen get fine scent, e fit be flower, spice or biscuit sef. Use dem dey pass under your pikin nose one by one make you see d one wen he go like pass.

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • Still never dey grab things make he hold dem.
  • Never fit support him head well.
  • No dey look toys wen dey around am.
  • No dey put toys or anything for mouth.
  • If he never fit move one or d two eyes everywhere.
  • Still dey cross eye (wen pikin still dey d first few months, dat one dey normal)

Cognitive Development Of 3 Months Old Pikin

Three months after you don born, dis your sweet angel go don dey sabi everything wen dey around am. Him brain wen dey develop so, go don dey try make e understand reality.   

He don dey undastand wetin dem dey call cause and effect, sometimes, wen he see toy wen dey hang for him crib or chair, he go hit am make e for move.  Him brain go don dey sabi plenti thing as he dey concentrate for dis new skill. 

Wen your pikin don dey 3 months old,he go don turn ogbologbo wen he dey use him eye take follow things. Na your pikin two eyes na im go work together dey move wen toy dey front of am or wen toy dey your hand.  


  • Start to dey teach your pikin d different parts of d bodi early. Take one of him stuffed toy make you dey tell am d names of each part of d bodi.
  • Follow your pikin play ''Beep". Wen you dey change your pikin diaper, you fit make am dey fun wen you dey poke different part of him bodi dey say ''Beep''. Your pikin go come dey aware of your hand sotey he go come dey anticipate your touch.
  • Dey follow your pikin talk. Wen you dey follow am talk, make you dey use simple words dem. He fit never understand you but he like make he dey hear your voice.
  • Make you find new new things wen he fit dey do everytime. You fit even try turn him attention go anoda thing or you put am for anoda room wen get plenti things wen he go fit look.

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • No respond to noise wen loud (like wen you slam door or wen moto horn.
  • Be like sey he no dey notice him hand
  • Dey get wahala wen he wan use him eye take follow things.

3 month old


Social and emotional development

Even if your pikin never start to dey go creche, he don sabi as dem dey take follow oda pipu interact and na from una wen be mama and papa he learn dat one.

You go don dey notice sey your pikin don dey folow oda pipu smile. Him smile no dey exclusive for just him mama and papa again. He go start to smile give anybody wen follow am smile first.

Your 3 month old pikin  personaliti don dey start to show, as he go come dey curious about oda pipu, he go dey follow everybody make friend. Oda pikin wen dey around am go start to fascinate am, even wen he see himself for mirror, he go dey fascinated.  

Your pikin dey try to undastand emotions and d way wen you dey take communicate. He go start to link wetin you say to d expression wen dey your face. 


  • You get picture of friends and family wen dey smile, show am to your pikin.
  • Wen your pikin dey look you, make you look am back, follow am talk gently. Try make you dey imitate him reaction and d noise wen he dey make.
  • Show am him reflection. Put mirror for your pikin front. Tap d reflection make you call him name. Eventually, your pikin go sabi which person reflection dey d mirror.
  • Sing give your pikin make you dey play music give am.

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • Rarely dey smile give oda pipu.
  • Squeeze face even wen he hear your voice.
  • No dey pay attention to face wen he no sabi, or if he dey fear new face or new environment.

Your little bub is learning how to interact with other people in ways other than crying

Speech and Language Development

Mama, make you start to rejoice! Your pikin don dey learn how to follow oda pipu interact, no be onli cry again.

At this stage, no be only to cry wey him go take use communicate. Within days wen dey come, he go start to dey do baby talk.  


  • Engage your pikin for baby talk wit baby talk. Di more wen you follow your pikn talk, di faster he go fit dey form him own sound dem. He go even dey make signs wen he dey try communicate with you.
  • Read loud to am. Your pikin fit never sabi read or he fit no even sabi wetin you dey talk. But as you dey read loud to yam, no matter d way wen he small reach, he go dey used to different sounds and words. You go even don dey encourage am make he get love for book as he dey big. Follow am read books wen get picture wen bright as e go fit capture him eye.

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • No dey make any sound
  • Dey cry tey.

3 months old pikin

Health and nutrition

Three months after you don born, your pikin suppose dey around 56.4 - 60.4 cm long and he go dey weigh between 4.9 and 6.3kg.

Contrary to wetin pipu believe, make your pikin never start to chop solid food. Studies don show sey  e dey very harmful to pikin wen dey dis age once you start to give am solid food.

For dis age, your pikin digestive system never mature, so e go dey hard make he digest dis kind food. When you introduce solid for dis kind age fit come make your pikin get obesity, he fit get allergy, or e fit even cause problem with him digestion, e fit make am choke and na dat one even bad pass.

Na wen pikin don dey reach 6 months old na im he go don dey ready to chop solid. But for now, your breastmilk na all d nutrition wen your 3 months old pikin need.

Remember sey no be onli food pikin need to take nourish him bodi, he also need to sleep well. Some pikin fit sleep tey for night pass odas for dis age, while odas fit no sleep tey. But make you remember say each pikin get as he dey take develop. So e still dey ok if your pikin never reach dis sleep milestone yet.

Wen your pikin don reach 3 months old, na d vaccines wen he go take be dis:

  • DTaP - 1st dose: Immunisation against Diphtheria, Pertussis & Tetanus
  • IPV - 1st dose: Immunisation against Poliomyelitis
  • Hib - 1st do​se: Haemophilus influenza type b vaccine
  • Pneumococcal Conjugate - 1st dose: Immunisation against Pneumococcal Disease

Take note sey as your pikin still dey small so, he still fit quick catch disease like:

  • Respiratory Syncytial virus, e get symtom like make nose dey run, make nose block, and make pikin dey breathe heavy.
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, e fit show e sef through fever and sore throat, your pikin fit get rashes on top him palm, bottom of him leg or him bottom area.
  • Scarlet fever, d symptom na sey pikin fit get sore throat, red rashes go come dey around him face and neck.

Note: No give your pikin medicine wen doktor no prescribe.


  • D best way wen your pikin go stop cry wen dem dey give am him vaccine na wen you dey breastfeed am.
  • Some pikin fit come get fever after dem give am d vaccine-- ask doktor how you go fit manage am.
  • E no dey compulsory make you give your pikin water wen you still dey breastfeed am. D day wen heat too much, just increase d way wen you take dey breastfeed am.
  • While your pikin immune system don dey strong as dya don dey go, e still neva develop fully. Avoid make you bring am come place where pipu plenti and always dey tell anybody wen wan touch/carry am make dem dey wash hand first.

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • Get rashes wen you no just know as e take come.
  • Dey breathe like sey something dey block him chest
  • No get appetite to take chop
  • Get fever wen reach 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher
  • Show  symptom wen no gree go after some days like cough and diarrhea

As different pikin take get different pace wen dem dey take develop, e get certain milestone wen your 3 months old pikin go don reach by now. If e get anything wen dey disburb you about d way wen your pikin dey take develop, abeg go see doktor. 


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*Disclaimer: This is the median length and weight, and head circumference according to WHO standards)

Written by

Anino Aganbi