Development and milestones: your 3 weeks old pikin

Development and milestones: your 3 weeks old pikin

What is your baby's progress this week?

As person wen just born, e go dey hard make you get better sleep wen na so so cry cry your 3 weeks old pikin dey sabi cry. Anyway, na d only way wen your 3 weeks old pikin fit follow you  talk for now. Make you remember say your pikin no go small like dis forever. Make we see wetin development of 3 weeks old pikin get in store for your small  pikin.

3 Weeks Old Pikin Development

Physical Development

3 Weeks Old Pikin

By dis time, your 3 weeks old pikin skin go don stop to dey peel plenti. E go don dey look robust, pink and clear.

No worry if your pikin still get  cradle cap – that rough scaly dandruff-like skin on him head  – because most of the time, e go commot by imself. E fit no dey pleasant wen you look am but e no go worry your pikin.

Your 3 weeks old pikin go don even gather all d weight wen him lose as a baby for dat first week wen you take born am. He suppose kontinu to dey add 25 grams everi day.

Your pikin median length and weight* suppose be :

  • Boys
    – Length: 49.8 cm (19.6 inches)
    – Weight: 3.3 kg (7.4lb)
  • Girls
    – Length: 49.2 cm (19.4 inches)
    – Weight: 3.3kg (7.3lb)

And your pikin head * suppose don reach :

  • Boys: 34.5 cm (13.6 inches)
  • Girls: 33.9 cm (13.3 inches)

As part of your 3 weeks old pikin development, him movements fit dey jerky and he no go fit control am. Dis one dey normal for pikin wen dem just born. Your pikin nevous system still need time make e take mature, him movement go don dey fluid well well.

E fit even be say your 3 weeks old pikin still dey sleep plenti pass wen him dey wake. Just make sure sey na him back you use take make am sleep as na dat position be d  safest sleeping position.

But wen your pikin dey awake,you fit put am for him belle make he for fit do tummy time. Dis one go help am make him neck muscles dem strong so he go fit push himself up make he sidon, roll, and even crawl wen he don dey grow .

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • Still dey lose weight
Cognitive Development

3 Weeks Old Pikin

When your pikin done dey 3 weeks, he still dey try adjust to d fact sey him no dey inside your belle again.

Loud noise go still dey shock am, e fit make am start to dey cry and dis one go trigger him Moro reflex. To help  am make he for fit calm down, by d time you try wrap am  he go don dey secure. 

Another way wen your pikin go fit soothe himself na to suck. However, if you dey nurse, you go wan wait till breastfeeding don dey establish before you go start to give am  pacifier so he fit soothe himself.  Even if you no give am pacifier wen he suck him hand, e go soothe am. Shey you sabi sey even you fit comfort your newborn pikin if you dey follow am talk gently? Your small pikin go still fit recognise songs wen you sing for am wen he still dey inside your belle, mama voice na one of d sounds wen he hear pass. So make you kontinu to dey follow am  talk, you fit even  sing to am. He fit never understand you, but you don dey lay foundation for the language development. Make you try hang mobile for colour wen go fit attract your pikin. You go see sey he dey look d mobile or he go use him eye take dey track am.

Now  e be like sey d only thing wen your pikin sabi do na to chop, shit and sleep. Him brain dey absorb plenti new thing for dis him 3 week old developmental stage. One better way for am to sabi learn na if u put your face for him front wen you dey do tummy time.


Allow am make e dey look your face den he go fit copy as your lip dey take move. He fit dey do am make you no know but if you look am well well, you go see sey he dey try to copy wetin you dey do. As e be now, d only way wen your pikin fit follow you talk na to cry.   Sometimes you fit just dey frustrated wen you still dey try to learn all d different kind cry wen he dey cry- wen he dey hungry/ sleep/ lonely and all d odas. As time dey go, you go soon sabi all him different cry. For now, make you  try to rule out one cause at a time. Give am  your breast, change him position so he go fit  see anoda side, rock am gently, change him diaper or clothes. So mama, make you hang in dere.

When you fit see doktor 

If your pikin:

  • No dey shock wen dem play loud noise
  • No dey cry at all
Nutrition and Health

By now, you go don establish as u wan take breastfeed. Your breast go don even full with milk and e go dey heavy.  E no get any kind rule about  wen you go fit feed your pikin. So for dis stage, na wen your pikin demand sey him wan chop na im you go take give am food. D best way na to feed am wen he want am, since dey sabi d amount of food wen he fit chop.

So far sey your pikin dey suck well, e belleful and e dey add weight , den everything dey well. Check here for lip and tongue ties if you still dey get problem wen you dey breastfeed.  You go still fit breastfeed your pikn even if he  get  cleft lip or palate. Also, remember make you let your pikin suck each breast well make you no get blocked ducts or mastitis. If your pikin don dey colic before now, e fit still dey dere for dis him 3 weeks old development phase. While e go dey break your heart wen you see your pikin dey uncomfortable, dis one sef go pass. But if you see say d matter don dey bad pass e be,abeg carry am go see children doktor wey dem dey call pediatrician as na him go fit help you.

This week, your pikin no dey due for any vaccination but make you remember sey next week, as your pikin go reach one month, he go dey due for him second Hepititis B vaccine.

To sabi more about wen you pikin suppose take him vaccination, make you click for Nigeria and Kenya.

When you fit see doktor

If your pikin:

  • Be like sey e dey hard am to breathe , If him breathing dey fast or if he dey make some kind noise wen he dey breathe, or if he get one kind blue skin wen no gree commot.
  • Dey vomit every time.
  • Get white patch for tongue aas e fit turn to oral thrush.
  • Has even a slight fever (over 37 degrees Celsius).
  • Get wahala wen he wan suck your breast.
  • Get big belle wen swell up.
Newborn Care

3 Week Old Baby Development

No shake your pikin if he no stop to cry. Your pikin neck still weak well well and e never fit carry him head. To dey shake pikin fit make him brain dey shift inside him skull, which fit give am brain trauma wen dem no fit cure. Dem dey call dis trauma shaken Pikin syndrome.

Make sure sey d temperature of d room wen your pikin dey sleep put no too hot or cold.  D  correct room temperature na 24ºC if you  dey use AC. For this temperature,dem body no dey fight to hot or cold.

When your pikin don reach 3 weeks, he still go dey sleep plenty whether na day or night. For dis kind time, e never dey too quick make you dey teach am wen na day time and night don reach.

Try to dey do d same thing for d same time every evening for  your pikin: Baff, Feed, Sing. Make d last food wen you go give your pikin for daytime  dey dark with light wen no bright. When you wan give am night food join, make d light no dey too bright and make you sef dey engage your pikin d same way wen you dey do for daylight. For your pikin body, no think sey u go wake up one night and magic go don happen. As d months dey go, your pikin suppose don dey master him bed time routine with sleep.

Make you kontinue to dey baff your pikin gently. Support him neck and him back make he no go fall one day. If you get man pikin  make you  click here to  sabi as you go take clean him private part , if you get woman pikin,  na your article be dis.

Remember make you no use cotton bud or any sharp thing take clean your pikin ear. E fit go spoil something inside d ear wen go turn complication.

When you fit see doktor: 

  • If you see sey anything dey commot for your pikin private part.
  • If you or any body wen dey help you take care of your pikin fall am by mistake.

Wellness of new mama

If you fit get anybody wen fit help you for house, no reject am o, because you go too tire and to sleep go be war. As your pikin dey sleep, make you sef sleep. If your house dirty small, you no go die so far you fit sleep well. Mama, once you see sey you don dey get wetin dem call postnatal depression quick quick go see your doktor.

Once you see sey dis 3 weeks pikin development and milestone dey hard, make you remember sey your pikin no go stay small like dat. Like all dose persin wen born before you, you sef go survive dis stage.

Mkae you jolly dis time dey use am take sabi your pikin. No forget sey na d memories wen you make every day na im you go remember wen your pikin don turn big man.

Source: Better Health Channel, Seattle Children's Organization

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Disclaimer: This is the median length and weight, and head circumference according to WHO standards)

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