40 Lovely Christmas Names For Girls And Their Meanings

40 Lovely Christmas Names For Girls And Their Meanings

For mums who will be due this season, we bring you lovely Christmas names for girls. These names will remind you of the significance of the season.

It is common knowledge that African parents name their children with meaning in mind. Another thing they consider is the timing and significance of the name. Christmas is upon us once again. There will be African mothers who will give birth during this period. For this reason, we bring you lovely Christmas names for girls.

40 Christmas names for girls

Christmas names for girls

Christmas is one of the most delightful moments of the year. The mood begins to shift into a celebratory one right from the first day of December (or even before that. During this time, we have a lot to celebrate. We celebrate love, survival, family, and life. But most of all, we celebrate newness and birth, the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we draw from the significance of His birth for whatever we do during this season. Including childbirth. Here are names that capture the meaning of this season.

  • Angel/Angelina/Angelica: means "Angel"
  • Avery: means "Christmas elf"
  • Astra: means "Star"
  • Abigail: means "Father is joyful"
  • Anya: means "Grace"
  • Audrey: means "Noble"
  • Belle: means "Beautiful"
  • Bianca: means "White"
  • Beth: means "Pledged to God"
  • Carol or Carolle: means "Christmas carol"

Christmas names for girls

  • Celeste: means "Heavenly"
  • Christabel: means "Fair Christian"
  • Christina: means "Follower of Christ"
  • Christmas: means "Mass of the Christ"
  • Clementine: means "Merciful"
  • December: means "Month of Christmas"
  • Emmanuelle: means "God is with us"
  • Eve: means "Living"
  • Esther: means "Star"
  • Gabriella: means "God is my strength"
  • Gloria: means "Glory"
  • Grace: meaning "Effortless beauty"
  • Ivy: means the "Climbing plant"
  • Joy: means "Joy"
  • Jeanette: means "God is gracious"

Christmas names for girls

  • Karen: means "Pure"
  • Lucy: means "Light or shinny"
  • Mary: means "Rebellion"
  • Merry: means "Guardian of the sea"
  • Natasha: means "Born on Christmas"
  • Noel: means "Christmas"
  • Olive: means "Olive tree"
  • Rachel: means "Ewe"
  • Star: means "The star that found Jesus"
  • Seraphina: means "Fiery"
  • Stella: means "Star"
  • Suzy: means "Lily"
  • Taraji: means "Hope and faithful"
  • Tiffany: means "Appearing from God"
  • Virginia: means "Chaste"

Each of these baby names carries the virtues that are celebrated during Christmas. Enjoy making your choice.

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