Wetin Be Di Best Position To Make A Baby?

Wetin Be Di Best Position To Make A Baby?

All positions good but some dey make belle easy pass others

Na evribodi sabi say if man and woman play beta play for bed, di woman go cari belle if dem no use protection. And no be evritime dem go use protection because dem fit need belle. But we hear say e get some position wey dey helep di belle enta sharp sharp. Naim we say make we check am come tell you di best position to make a baby.

If woman dey find belle, she go need to calculate de play time well well. All position of sex play dey give belle, but some dey helep pass some. Na di one wey dey helep naim we wan tok today. But e get some oda things wey people who dey find belle must folow do. Na all dis tok we go put for dis tori wey you dey read so.

Wetin Be De 4 Best Position To Make A Baby?

Wetin Be Di Best Position To Make A Baby?

Di position wey dey hia so, e sure say dem go helep you cari belle. We don tok am before say no be say di oda sex positions no good, but as pipo wey sabi tell us, na dis one dey make am easy pass.


best position to make a baby

This na di one wey man go dey for up, and di woman go dey for down. Na di main position wey evribodi sabi. And e dey work well well becos e dey follow gravity work. If woman dey for up, e go give di sperm plenty work to swim go up go meet egg. But as di woman dey for down, na one time sperm go reach di egg. If you wan do am well sef, jus add pillow for your bottom side. Dat one go make oga touch ground when e enter. So as we don tell you, missionarry position na one of di best position to take carry belle.

Doggie style

Wetin Be Di Best Position To Make A Baby?

Wetin you need for belle na position wey go gree your man touch down, nack ground. Dat na wetin oyibo dey call deep penetration. Sake of say as e touch ground so, di sperm go fit near the womb sharp sharp. And na im go give you di belle wey you dey find. Doggie style, na where man go enter im woman as she kneel down for ground, come still rest her hand for ground join. Dis one sef dey helep woman wey wan cari belle.

Leg on top shoulder

best sex positions to get pregnant

Dis one wan resemble missionary becos di man go dey up and you di woman go dey for down. But you go cari your leg go up, hang am for your man shoulder dem. This style go helep di sperm swim go straight go meet your egg, no go slow. Na one of di bebst position to make a baby.

Enter from back

Wetin Be Di Best Position To Make A Baby?

As you lie down on top your belle, your oga go enter from back. This na deep style wey go helep penis touch down below. E deep pass missionary sef. Na so di pipo wey sabi tok. Dem even write tori on top di mata for inside Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy study. Dem com still put MRI inside, make we for see say e sure for dem.

As we don tell you about position so, make we come tok oda things wey you go need do make you for cari belle sharp sharp.

Di Best Time Wey You And Oga Go Play Match Wey You Go Cari Belle

No be evritime wey oga touch you, belle go enter. E get di time for woman bodi wey nothing dey happen. Oyibo dey call am safe period.

The best time to cari belle na your most fertile period for your cycle. This your fertile season go start five days before your ovulation and e go end for your ovulation day. Your ovulation day na di day wey your egg go drop.

Di two days before you ovulate and the day wey you ovulate, na dem get di highest chance for you to cari belle. If you play with oga for dis time, e sure for you. Belle go enter if problem no dey.

Sperm fit dey alive for your bodi for about five days. So if you wan get belle, try get sperm for your belle before de ovulation day.

How you go sabi say you dey ovulate? You fit to count your cycle days.

Keep calendar of your menstrual cycle. Di cycle go start for di first day of your period, and e go end on the day before your next period.

For example, if you get 28-day cycle, you go normally ovulate around day 14.

You fit also check these sign dem join. Dem sef go tell you if your body don comot egg:

  • Change in vaginal discharge. When you dey ovulate, your mucus go clear, come thick join. E go be like the white part of raw egg.
  • Rise in basal body temperature (BBT). Dis one na your body resting temperature, and e go high small after you don ovulate.

So now wey you don sabi di best position to make a baby; wetin remain na make you go dey do di work wey God send you.


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