How Do I Overcome The Fear Of Needles And Injections?

How Do I Overcome The Fear Of Needles And Injections?

The fear of needles and injections is present across all ages. Here is how you can easily overcome it and take it like a pro

One cannot outrun injections. Not in a lifetime. Injections are so central to medical treatments that a slight deviation from health might get you the needle. But, some harbour extreme fear of injections and this causes them to want to boycott medical treatment altogether. The fear of needles is also known as trypanophobia or needle phobia. When people with needle phobia find themselves at the mercy of a needle, they experience high blood pressure and increased heart rate. Generally, in these parts of the world, most people don't believe in needle phobia in adults. It is a condition only reserved for children. For adults with needle phobia, here's how to overcome the fear of needles and injections.

How to overcome fear of needles and injections 

Below are ways to overcome your fear of needles and injections. 

  • Express your fear

How to overcome fear of needles and injectionsThere's no shame in expressing your fear. When you find yourself in the presence of your doctor and a needle pops out from somewhere for your treatment, tell your doctor that you're scared. The doctor might help talk you out of it and you may find yourself relaxing. If you're donating blood, tell whoever is drawing the blood that they have only one chance. 

  • Direct your mind elsewhere 

For most people, the moment the needle begins to draw close to their skin, they tense up. So taking your mind off things can help you cope with the fear. You can start a conversation with someone else in the room, or play with your phone. Anything to take your mind off the needle. 

  • Confronting your fear

How to overcome fear of needles and injections

Confronting your fear of needles will help you neutralise that fear. To do this, set out to know more about needles. Read about them. Research and know when and how they came into use. This will help you normalise needles so they don't look so menacing every time you see them. You can consider buying a new one to handle and look at every day. The more you expose yourself to the sight the more normal it becomes.

  • Rationalise your fear

How to overcome fear of needles and injections

To rationalise something in your mind is to play it down using something of more significance. For example, if you're afraid of injection, remind yourself that you're protecting your body from something even more dangerous. Or if you're donating blood to someone, remind yourself that you're saving another person's life. 

  • Use applied tension

Rationalise fear for overcoming fear

Applied tension helps reduce your blood pressure. It is an effective way to fight fear. Before the injection, try sitting comfortably and tense your arms and legs and your upper body for at least 15 seconds, before letting your muscles relax again. Repeat at intervals. 

  • Position your body well

position yourself

Positioning well just before injection can help you fight the fear of needles. Try lying down with your legs elevated during the injection. Focus on your breathing while your hand is across your belly. 


For some people, it is not the usual phobia. Some people are naturally sensitive to the smallest pain. Even a small needle hurts them excessively. If you're experiencing this, ask the doctor for numbing cream before the injection. 

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