5 sex positions your husband has been fantasising to try with you

5 sex positions your husband has been fantasising to try with you

Mums, there will be times when your hubby will be too shy to ask you to try certain things in bed. Surprise him with these fantasy sex positions!

What are your husband's fantasy sex positions? Whether they're open about their fantasies or if they tend to clam up when talking about intimacy, what's for certain is that men have different definitions of satisfying sex.

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In the same way that a woman's g-spot influences orgasm, a man's penis size can also affect satisfaction. But this doesn't mean size is all that matters, as we previously wrote, there are satisfying fantasy sex positions for men with small penises.

Some might favour gentle, intimate fantasy sex positions, while others are more adventurous. When it comes to satisfying married sex, what matters is finding what's comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. And remember to switch things up!

"Variety keeps him in a heightened state of arousal because he never knows what to expect," psychologist Joel Block, Ph.D., author of The Art of the Quickie, tells Cosmopolitan.

5 Fantasy Sex Positions Your Hubby Wants to Try with You!

1. Modified Missionary

An oldie but goodie, because as men would agree, "it achieves their mission to orgasm." Plus, it's easy to do! Just wrap your legs around your hubby's waist as they enter you and thrust.

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2. From Behind

Your husband might be too shy to admit doggy style turns him on, but most men love it! Contrary to what others might assume, not being able to look in each other's eyes doesn't diminish intimacy.

3. Woman on Top

Your hubby can also be fantasising about being dominated. This position fulfills that craving of his, while giving you control over your own pleasure — through the pace and intensity of sex.

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4. Reverse Cowgirl

"Reverse cowgirl is fun because it's different than the standard positions but it's easy to do. It's similar to doggy style, but the girl has more control." 27-year-old Steven tells Bustle. "And it's easy from there to get into variations, especially if you're flexible or strong on the bottom."

To do this position, straddle your hubby while on top of him, facing the lower half of his body.

5. Chair Sex

....Or any piece of sturdy furniture, really. This is one of the fantasy sex positions that involve straddling your hubby or anchoring yourselves with legs wrapped around him.

This position gives you the illusion that you are doing something naughty in public and could get caught at any minute. Just make sure the kiddos are out of house when you try this one!

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want in bed too, mums! As sex therapist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. explains to Cosmopolitan, men like it when you're direct. Tell him what feels good, what could be improved.

"Tell him how good it feels when he does something right, or remind him of a technique that always gets you off," she suggests, adding that "bossing him around" works for many men.

Most of all, satisfying sex also means not putting too much pressure on giving each other pleasure! So have fun in bed and be willing to try new things. Spontaneity is sexy.

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