Yur 5 Years 10 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Yur 5 Years 10 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Inside dis article, we go look wetin yu fit expect from yur 5 years 10 months old pikin development and milestone and wen yu go need to dey worried.

Yu go don notice sey yur 5 years 10 months old pikin don dey more independent pass before. Him physical and gross moto skills dey more coordinated. Now he get confidence to fit do things by himsef and make decision.

Wetin be some of di amazing developmental milestones wen yu go  notice dis month? Make we find out.  No forget sey efiri pikin dey different and go reach him own milestone for him own time. If any thing dey worri yu about yur pikin development, make yu go follow doktor talk.

5 Years 10 Months Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track?

child's physical development at 5 years 9 months old

Physical Development

By now, yur 5 years 10 months old pikin don dey ride bike, jump rope, use one leg take balance among oda plenti plenti things. Some shidren fit don dey play football sef.

Yur pikin fine moto skills don dey improve by dis age, he don dey sabi tie him lace, use zip and button. Most pikin don dey get physical development wen go show for dia bodi. Like, na now yu go know weda yur pikin be lefti.

By dis age, yur pikin median height and weight na:

  • Boys
    - Height: 114.6 cm (45.1 inches)
    - Weight: 20.4 kg (45lb)
  • Girls
    - Height: 113. 8 cm (44.8 inches)
    - Weight: 19.94 kg (44lb)

Make we see some oda physical development:

Yur pikin suppose:

  • Don dey hold pencil well
  • Write him name
  • Fit use pencil take copy shapes
  • Don dey lose him milk teeth.
  • Dey ride two-wheel bicycle
  • Skip well
  • Use one leg take balance wen he close eye.
  • Kick ball
  • Cut and paste shapes for paper


  • Arrange time wen yur pikin go take play efiri day.
  • Encourage yur pikin make dem dey help yu do small small work for house. E go help am boost him self esteem.
  • Reduce di time wen yur pikin dey watch TV or play game.
  • Enrol yur pikin for sports.
  • Make sure sey yu no shake or hit yur pikin. Yu fit cause bleeding for brain if yu shake am.

Wen yu fit see doktor

If yur pikin,

  • Dey lose skill wen he first get
  • No fit hold pencil well
  • No fit write him name
  • Dey veri clumsi wen he dey play.
  • No dey see or hia well.


cognitive development

Cognitive Development

Yur pikin don dey concentrate reach 15 minutes now. He don dey sabi him tenses, and he sabi di difference between yesterday, tomorrow and today.

See some cognitive developmentwen yu fit notice for yur pikin

By dis age, he suppose:

  • Fit count reach 20.
  • Sabi primari colour.
  • Sabi difference between night/morning , left/right.
  • Fit tell yu wia time dey
  • Fit count three numba from back.
  • Fit read di alfabet well
  • Fit read some words
  • Fit concentrate reach 15 minutes for one thing.
  • Fit ask question and give yu ansa wen yu ask am "why"
  • Sabi di difference between wetin dey right and wrong.
  • Get librari card for yur pikin, di more wen he dey go librari, him vocabulari go dey improve.
  • Wen yu carri yur pikin go museum or park, e go help am get di experience wen he need by dis age.
  • Cooking na betta way wen yu and yur pikin fit bond. And e go improve yur pikin maths skill for way wen dey interesting.
  • Team sport like football na betta way wen yu fit support yur pikin growth and e go help am fit follow instruction.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • Dey find am hard to follow simple instruction.
  • No sabi count reach 20
  • No know him alfabet
  • No dey show interest for anything wen dey new.

Yur 5 Years 10 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Social and Emotional Development

By now, yur 5 years 10-months-old pikin don sabi handle him feeling and express am well.

Even wen he like him independence, he still need yu for security and comfort.

As yur pikin dey develop him reading and learning skills, he go start to fear things wen he no undastand, like ghost.

To start primari school fit be challenge for am becos dem go get new rules, new friends, and di school work fit make am dey grumpy and tired.  But make yu know sey dis one na phase wen he go soon masta.

Na some developments wen yur pikin don make be dis.

Yur pikin:

  • Dey apologise wen he make mistake.
  • No too dey aggressive again
  • Like to dey make new friends.
  • Undastand di difference between boy and girl, and go wan make friends with boys pass girls.
  • Use him imagination wen he dey play.
  • Fit start to lie, but dat one dey normal.


  • Allow yur pikin make him choice about toys and games. E go help am develop confidence for himsef.
  • Arrange playdates make yur pikin fit follow oda shidren dem play.
  • Try enrol yur pikin for group activities wen go help him mind grow.
  • Teach yur pikin about him/her private part and di danger wen dey if any bodi touch am.
  • Yur pikin fit start to suck him thumb or bite finger. Sometimes na just him way to cope wen he dey new environment.
  • Yur pikin dey copy efiri thing wen yu dey do. So if yu want make yur pikin be betta person, dem show am how e fit be one.
Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • Dey aggressive or start to throw tantrum
  • No dey like to follow oda pikin play, dey withdrawn or depressed.
  • Still dey wet bodi for day time.
  • Dey find am hard to sleep for night.

Speech and Language Development: 5 Years 10 Months Old Pikin

Yur pikin dey learn new words efiri day. He don turn chatterbox and he like riddle and joke.

Yur pikin don start to undastand wen yu say things like unda, ontop, inside.e.t.c.

Look some of di things wen yur pikin fit do by now:
  • Get veri strong vocabulari.
  • Fit talk complete sentence
  • Dey use tenses well.
  • Get sense of humour and he dey undastand jokes.
  • Encourage yur pikin make he get interest to read books.
  • Help yur pikin develop betta language skills.
  • Yur pikin go like book wen get rhymes and riddles by dis age.
Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin:

  • No dey speak well make dem undastand am
  • No dey use sentence wen get pass three words inside am.
  • No sabi use plural or past tense well.


how your child eats at 5 years 9 months old

Health and Nutrition

Yur pikin need between 1500 and 1800 calori to fit sustain am for di day, and dis go depend on di way wen he take dey grow and how he/she take dey active reach. Di calori intake for both boys and girls na:

  • Boys: 1,737 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,629 Kcal/day

See di nutrition wen dem suppose take:


Yur pikin need two servings of protein (32.4g) efiri day. One serving dey equal to one to three tablespoons of lean meat, chicken, or fish, four to five tablespoons of dry beans and peas, or one egg.


Yur pikin need about one to three (100g) cups of fruits daili. One cup of fruit dey equal to one cup of fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, 1/2 cup dried fruit, half 1/2  large apple, 1/8 banana, or one medium grapefruit.

E dey advisable make yu make 100% fresh juice for yur pikin without any sugar.


By dis age, yur pikin need two cups (100g each) of vegetables every day. One cup dey equal to one cup of cooked or raw vegetables, two cups of raw leafy greens, one large tomato, or two medium carrots.

Try mix different kine vegetable for yur pikin make he chop. And if yu dey select frozen vegetable or di one wen dey inside can, make yu buy di one wen get low sodium inside am.


Try make yur pikin dey chop reach 4 ounce of grain efiri day. One ounce of grains dey equal to one slice of bread, one cup of cereal, or 1/2 cup of pasta wen dem cook.

Choose food wen get whole grain instead of refined grain.


Milk na veri important part of pikin diet and yur pikin need 17 to 20 ounce efiri day. Yu fit replace one cup of milk with yoghurt/soya milk, and make yu no forget to add cheese to him meal.

To summarize am, see wetin yur pikin need here. Yu fit read up to sabi di amount:

  • Fruits: three cup for boys; three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 32.4g for boys; 32.4g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)
Vaccination and Common Sickness

Yur pikin no dey due for any vaccine dis month. To sabi which vaccine yur pikin suppose don take by now and to know weda e dey up to date, make yu click here.

Even with all di vaccine wen yur pikin don take, he fit still catch cold, flu and oda kine disease. If yur pikin dey get any kine discomfort or he dey vomit, stool or get feva wen high pass 38°C/100.4°F, abeg carri am go see doktor.

To Treat Common Sickness

To fit manage di three common sickness for pikin bodi- cold, feva and cough- make yu try di following:

  • Feva: If yur pikin feva don high reach 38°C (100.4°F), give am plenti water drink and allow am rest well. Yu fit soak small towel for warm wata, use take clean yur pikin head, armpit  and private part area make di temperature fit come down. But if him temperature don pass 38°C (100.4°F) abeg carri am go see doktor.
  • Cough: We sabi sey cough na reflex wen dey help yu clear throat but e dey turn nuisance wen catarrh and sneeze follow am. Instead make yu dey find ova di counta medicine buy for cold, yu fit try some remedi for house. Try drink ginger and honey inside water wen warm. Encourage yur pikin make he drink plenti water to fit reduce any discomfort wen he dey feel. But if di cough neva stop afta three to five days, abeg carri am go see doktor.
  • Cold: Unless e don dey veri extreme, try make yu no take drugsfor cold wen yu buy for counta. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics no fit work for am. If yur pikin get bodi pain and feva with di cold, den e fit be influenza. Yu need to carri am go see doktor.

E dey important make yu sabi sey even if yu no need prescription to buy some kine medicine, di first thing wen yu suppose try for mild sickness na home remedi.

For example, give pikin wen get cough and cold, warm water drink. If he get sore throat, make he use salt and warm water take gargle.

E good make yu dey teach yur pikin about hygiene, especialli how to wash hand, as e dey prevent di way disease take dey spread.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • Get feva wen pass 39 degrees Celsius
  • Get bruise, bumps or rashes wen dey unusual
  • Dey so so dey complain about head or oda ache.
  • Dey vomit or pudge pass two days.

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Reference: Web MD, Willowspediatrics, WebMD, PSS, Medicines.Org

Republished with permission from theAsianparent


Translated by Anino Aganbi

(*Disclaimer: This is the median height and weight according to WHO standards)

Written by

Anino Aganbi