Development And Milestones: Yur 5 Years 5 Months Old Pikin

Development And Milestones: Yur 5 Years 5 Months Old Pikin

Shey yur pikin dey on track? Read on to sabi more.

E no dey amaze yu wetin yur  5 years 5 monthsold pikin dey achieve? Yur pikin growth and development ova d years wen don pass so, dey veri amazing!

See some specific milestone wen yur  5 years 5 monthsold pikin suppose dey achieve wen he reach dis stage. If yur pikin late reach dis stage late, make yu no worri too much as different pikin dey develop for him own pace.

5 years 5 monthsold pikin development and milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track?

5 years 5 months

Physical development

As yur pikin don reach 5 years 5 monthsold so, him fine and gross motor skills don dey refined pass d oda months wen pass so.  Him/her hand-eye coordination dey good and d skill wen dey help am balance don improve plenti.

By now, yur pikin median height and weight* suppose be:

  • Boys
    – Height: 111.9 cm (44.1 inches)
    – Weight: 19.4 kg (42.8 lb)
  • Girls
    – Height: 110.9 cm (43.7 inches)
    – Weight: 19 kg (41.8 lb)

Wetin be d oda sign of physical development wen pikin wen dey dis age dey show?

  • Dem fit chop confidentli with different kine cutleri.
  • Yur pikin fit hold biro and pencil well.
  • Dem fit catch ball wen yu throw give dem from short distance and dem no go drop am.
  • He/she get betta coordination with him/her leg/hand.
  • Dem fit hop from one leg to d oda and no go fall like pikin wen dey young pass dem.


  • Encourage yur pikin make he write/colour/draw plenti as way wen go fit help am improve him fine motor skill.
  • E good make yu increase physical activity , so make yu reduce d time wen yur pikin dey spend for screen and allow am play for outside.
  • If yur pikin dey show interest for any sport, make yu enrol am as e go help am grow and develop more sef.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk

  • If yur pikin still dey fall wen he run.
  • He/she no fit balance on top one leg.
  • If he/she no fit hold pencil or cutleri well.
  • Wen yur no fit hia or see well.
  • If he/she lose skill wen he/she been get before.

Cognitive development: 5 years 5 Months Old Pikin

Yur smally probabli don enta preschool now and dey arm him/hersef with cognitive skill wen he/she need to tackle school.

D cognitive development wen dey yur 5 years 5 monthsold pikin till now go showcase d abiliti wen he get to reason and think. By now, yur pikin go dey curious to seek d ansa wen he want by himself. Dis fit mean sey, he go throw more question give yu make yu ansa, each ansa go lead to anoda question!

Make yu look out for d following cognitive development for yur pikin.

  • Use reason and fit argue to prove him point.
  • Follow simple direction.
  • Get undastanding of wetin dey right/wrong.
  • Fit count up to 20.
  • Sabi him alfabet.
  • Fit know how to spell him/her name.
  • Fit identifi colour and shape correct.
  • Dey rememba event wen happen before.


  • Wen yur pikin dey follow yu argue, make yu engage am more, ask am for explanation for why he believe wetin he dey argue.
  • Buy STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths) toy for yur pikin like block and puzzle to help yur pikin improve him cognitive skills.
  • Make yu visit museum, zoo, and oda places wen dey interesting make yu for encourage yur pikin make he learn outside class.
  • Follow yur pikin play I Spy. Dis game dey encourage make yur pikin think and e dey promote speech and literacy.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk

If yur pikin

  • No get interest for him/her environment.
  • No fit count reach 20.
  • No sabi him alfabet.

social and emotional development

Social and Emotional Development

Yur 5 years 5 monthsold pikin na d life fof d parti! He sabi talk and he dey friendli with everibodi. Yur pikin dey out to please everi bodi, plus yu.

Make yu dey look out for dese development:

  • Yur pikin go dey feel piti for oda pipu. He go know wen he don do wetin hurt anoda person and go wan make amend.
  • While he/she dey more independent now, yur pikin still need yur love and comfort; he go run meet yu for am.
  • Yur pikin fit dey bossy wen he dey play with him friends.
  • He fit prefer to follow him own sex make friend pass d opposite sex.
  • He/she like to follow friends play, but sometimes like to play by himself too.
  • Yur pikin dey veri friendli, even with stranger.
  • He/she fit start to tell lies/tales.
  • Yur pikin get betta sense of humour.


  • If yu find out sey yur pikin dey lie give yu or dey tell tales, no shame am. Both na indication of cognitive development. Tell yur pikin why e no dey nice wen he lie or tell tales.
  • Teach yur pikin sey no be everi stranger be friend.
  • Give yur pikin plenti love and cuddle for betta emotional health.
  • Organize play dates for yur pikin and him friends dem.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk

If yur pikin,

  • Dey withdraw/shy or no dey willing to follow oda pipu talk/play.
  • No exhibit/undastand wide range of emotion.
  • Dey misbehave or get violent behavior.

child development

Speech and language development

Yur 5 years and 5 months old pikin fit talk well if he use simple, clear sentence. Hia na small common milestone wen yu fit look for.

  • Any bodi fit undastand wetin yur pikin dey talk, even stranger.
  • He/she undastand instruction and go even give oda pipu instruction sef.
  • Yur pikin dey open to learn anoda language.
  • He/she fit recognize words wen dey him favorite book.
  • Yur pikin fit sing many song and even recite poem give yu.


  • Avoid make yu use baby talk take follow yur pikin talk. Use clear and simple word take talk with am.
  • Wen time to sleep don reach, ask yur pikin make he tell yu how him day go.
  • Ask yur pikin question to help am encourage him speech development more.
  • Give yur pikin book wen dey appropriate for him age. E no matta weda he no sabi read well or at all sef. Wetin matta be sey yu dey encourage him love for reading as he small reach.
  • Teach yur pikin new songs or fun poems.

Wen Yu Fit Follow Doktor Talk.

If yur pikin,

  • Dey stammer plenti.
  • No fit use sentence take talk.
  • Get problem wen he wan talk.
  • No gree talk at all.
  • Lose skill wen he been get.

Health and Nutrition

Yur pikin wen dey grow, need diet wen dey healthy and well balanced. If yu wan give am wetin sweet, make e be once in a while .

Yur pikin need  between 1500 and 1700 calories to fuel him bodi throughout d day. Dis one go depend on d way wen he dey take grow and d energy wen he dey burn. D calorie intake for boys and girls suppose be:

  • Boys:  1700 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1593 Kcal/day

D diet wen yur pikin dey take suppose get proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats and oils. Make Grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables be major part wen di diet contain.

See wetin yur pikin need for him food everi day:


Yur pikin need two servings of protein (32.4g) everi day. One serving dey equals one to three tablespoons of lean red meat, chicken, or fish, four to five tablespoons of dry legumes and peas, or one egg.


Yur pikin need at least three cups of fruits everi day. One cup of fruit dey equal to one cup of fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, half (1/2) cup dried fruit, half (1/2) of a large apple, one eight- or nine-inch banana, or one medium grapefruit.

If yur pikin wan drink fruit juice, make sure sey na pure juice wen no get sugar. Try make yu give am fresh fruit as can own dey get plenti sugar. Make yu no commot d skin so yur pikin go fit get fibre.


For dis age, yur pikin need two cups (100g each) of vegetables everi day. One cup of vegetable dey equal to one cup of cooked or raw vegetables, two cups of raw leafy greens, one large tomato, or two medium carrots.

Make yu provide different vegetable for yur pikin-like dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy and others - each week. Wen yu dey select d one wen dey can, find d one wen dey low in sodium.


Make yu dey give yur pikin minimum of four ounces of grain for inside him  food everi day.  One ounce of grains dey equal to one slice of wholegrain bread, one cup of oatmeal, or half (1/2) cup of pasta wen dem cook or cereal wen dem cook.

Choose whole grains, like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, or brown or wild rice. Reduce grains wen dem refine like white bread, pasta and rice.


Yur pikin suppose dey drink minimum of 17 to 20 ounces of milk (one to two-and-a-half cups) a day. You fit even use one cup of yogurt or soy milk , 1½ ounces of natural cheese (around the size of four stacked dice), or two ounces of processed cheese (around the size of five stacked dice) take replace one cup of milk.

To make d whole matta short, hia na wetin yur pikin need everi day(read up make yu fit sabu d amount wen yu need):

  • Fruits: three cups for boys; three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 32.4g for boys; 32.4g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)


  • Commot mineral and snacks from yur pikin diet.
  • Teach yur pikin make he eat d same food as everi oda person.
  • Teach betta table manners.

Vaccinations and Common Disease

By d time yur pikin don reach 5 years and 5 months old, he/she go don complete most of him vaccine. But make yur mind fit come down, follow yur doktor talk about injection for flu for yur pikin.

Once in a while, yur pikin fit come down with d occasional flu and cold. Dis one na normal thing and e go help him immune system make e strong. But, e good make yu dey careful of some kine common sickness.

To Treat Common Sickness

To fit manage d three common medical problem for pikin- feva, cough, and cold – make yu try d following:

  • To treat feva: Since yur pikin still dey veri young, e good make yu fit try some remedi wen yu make for house, especialli wen d feva don reach 38°C (100.4°F). Yu fit give am plenti water drink, and encourage am make e rest well. Place towel wen u don soak for lukewarm water for him forehead, armpit, and private part area to help bring d temperature down. But if d temperature don high pass  38°C (100.4°F) abeg carri am go see doktor quick.
  • To treat cough: While to cough na reflex wen dey clear throat, e fit turn nuisance once catarrh and sneeze don follow am. E betta if yu first try home remedi like ginger and honey inside warm water first. Yu fit even tell yur pikin make he drink eight glass of water make e help ease discomfort wen he dey feel. If d cough no stop afta three to five days, carri am go see doktor.
  • To treat cold: Unless e dey veri serious and dey cause yu plenti distress, no buy any medicine ova d counta. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics no go fit clear am. If yur pikin get pain and feva with d cold, den e fit be influenza. Carri yur pikin go see doktor for medical advice.

While yu fit buy some cold medication with no prescription, d first option wen yu suppose get for treatment na remedi wen yu make for house.

For example,pikin wen get cold and cough suppose drink warm water. He fit use warm salt water take gargle if he get sore throat. No forget sey nasal drops go help yu clear yur nose wen block.

E dey veri good make yu teach yur pikin betta hygiene, especially how to wash hand, as e go help prevent disease wen dey spread any how.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • Get feva wen pass 38 degrees Celsius
  • Get bruises/bumps/rashes wen yu no fit explain
  • Dey always complain of headache or oda pains.
  • Dey vomit or purge constantli pass two days.

Sources: WebMD


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