Development and Milestones: Yur 5 Years 6 Months Old Pikin

Development and Milestones: Yur 5 Years 6 Months Old Pikin

Wetin yur pikin dey up to dis month?

E neva too tey wen yur pikin still be taa-taa, now he/she  don reach 5 years 6 months old,  yu go come dey wonda wia all d years fly go. We sure sey yu wan know d kine things wen yur pikin wan use take amaze yu dis month. Yu fit learn d development and milestone wen yur pikin go achieve dis  month for inside dis article.

Make yu always rememba sey e  no get any two pikin wen be d same, yur pikin go develop at him own pace, he fit meet dose milestones earli or late pass him age mates.

If yu dey concerned sey yur pikin no dey reach him milestone quick, make yu go see yur doktor.

5 Years 6 Months Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track?

5 years 6 months old less clumsy

Physical development

Yur 5 years 6 months old pikin no dey clumsy again, him physical development dey veri obvious. Yur pikin wen dey agile so, like to dey run, jump and play. E good if yu dey encourage yur pikin make he play for outside as e dey veri important for proper physical development.

For dis age, yur pikin median height and weight* suppose be:

  • Boys
    – Height: 112.4 cm (44.3 inches)

    – Weight: 19.6 kg (43.3lb)
  • Girls
    – Height: 113. 8 cm (44.8 inches)
    – Weight: 19.2 kg (42.2lb)

See some physical development milestone wen yur pikin suppose don reach by now. He/she:

  • Fit swing and climb.
  • Fit ride tricycle.
  • Dey climb stairs without any issue and he go use him two legs.
  • Fit use cutleri take chop like forks, knives and spoons.
  • Don dey potty trained and he fit use toilet by himself.
  • Dey skip/hop around.
  • Dey use one leg take stand pass 10 seconds.


  • Yur 5 years 6 months old pikin go grow into person wen dey confident if yu let am show him physical abiliti. If yur pikin wan run around, no stop am!
  • Give yur pikin more things wen go help am practice new skill. Carri am go play ground, stroll with am or go register am for any sports wen he like.
  • Now wen yur pikin don sabi how to use cutleri take chop, encourage am make he dey use am take eat. E go help develop yur pikin fine motor skill.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

Once yu see sey e get some kine thing wen yur pikin suppose dey do and he no dey do am, carri am go hospital make doktor check yur pikin development. Make yu look for dese signs.

Yur pikin:

  • No dey like to do any physical activiti.
  • Dey lose new skill afta he don acquire am.
  • No dey wan follow any bodi talk or no get interest for any physical activiti.

signs of good cognitive development

Cognitive development

Sey mind dey grow, na im be yur pikin cognitive development. By dis age, yur pikin imagination dey veri active and he dey curious. All dis na sign  of betta cognitive development.

Yur pikin go wan follow yu reason and argue, especially wen e get wetin he want. While yu fit think sey yur pikin dey rude, dis na sign sey him brain dey engage for critical thinking and thoughts wen dey rational. 

Make yu look for dese development dem. Yur pikin:

  • Fit draw triangle and oda shape from book.
  • Sabi count from 10 go up.
  • Fit draw person caricature wen get seven parts of bodi.
  • Sabi wetin dem dey use moni take do.
  • Fit copy numba and letta.
  • Don develop skill wen dem dey use take reason and solve problem.
  • Get skill wen dem dey take read and solve maths.


  • Yur pikin don dey show thought wen dey complex for dis age, but make yu still follow am dey talk simple words make he fit dey undastand wetin yu dey talk.
  • Make yu dey encourage yur pikin make he dey write and draw more, becos e go help am build self confidence and improve him literacy skill.
  • Everi day wen yur pikin close from school, dey ask am wetin happen for school. Na so yur pikin go sabi how to talk wetin dey him mind . No be onli sey he go fit tell yu wetin happen, he go fit give yu insight to things wen happen around am.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

If yur pikin:

  • Easili dey distracted and no fit focus for long time.
  • No fit tell yu about wetin happen before now or even about wetin happen for school.
  • Nor dey respond give any bodi.
  • Dey mix him past/present tense up.
  • No dey undastand singular and plural.
  • No sabi draw.
Social and emotional development

child development

Yur pikin imagination dey alreadi dey full-blown by dis time, so make yu dey expect funny, imaginative, ridiculous question and conversation. By dis age, yur pikin don dey develop self-awareness.

Dis one mean sey, yur pikin undastand sey pipu wen dey around am fit get dia own opinion wen dey different. See some milestone wen yu fit expect inside social and emotional development.

  • While yu still fit get d occasional meltdown, by dis time, yur pikin don dey present him own side of d argument and he dey make sure sey he get him point across verballi. 
  • Dey try to satisfi him friends dem.
  • Fit get mood wen dey fluctuate up and down: Sometimes he fit dey agreeable, oda times he no just follow yu cooperate at  all.
  • Dey undastand and try to dey follow rules.
  • Get interest to sing, dance and act.
  • Undastand d difference between boy and girl.
  • Wan try to be like him friends, so he dey copy dem.


  • Improve yur pikin conflict resolution skill, teach am how to say sorry wen he do wetin dey wrong.
  • D first point go work if yu sef tell yur pikin sorri wen e dey appropriate.
  • If yu take time take hia yur pikin out, yu go see sey he dey learn how to express wen he dey dissatisfied verballi. Once dis one don turn normal thing, d tantrum wen he dey throw go reduce.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

If yur pikin:

  • Start to show  behavior wen dey extreme like sey he dey aggressive, shy, fear, or dey sad.
  • No dey show any emotion at all.
  • No dey like to follow oda pikin play.
Speech and language development

little girl painting

Dis yur smally don turn talkative! Him/her vocabulary don so improve sotey he fit follow adult dey hold conversation. He fit sing, recite rhyme and even make up him own words wen dey unique. 

Yur pikin:

  • Fit count one to ten.
  • Fit identifi reach four different colour and shape.
  • Know some letta wen dey d alfabet.
  • Sabi speak clearly.
  • Undastand time wen he use things wen he dey do take associate time, e.g., school for morning and sleep for night.
  • Know house address.
  • Sabi read short words, especially two letta words to four letta words. 
  • Fit print him name.


  •  Don dey use complex sentence take talk.
  • Ask am plenti question to make am fit talk.
  • If yur pikin no like to talk too much, no force am.

When to talk to your doctor:

If your pikin:

  •  Always dey avoid eye contact wen he dey talk.
  • Dey find am hard to undastand non verbal communication.

Health and nutrition

By now, yur pikin go don dey chop wetin everi oda person for d house dey eat. He go tell yu wen hunger don dey hammer am and fit use cutlery well. No dey give yur pikin food wen get plenti salt and sugar.

Kontinu to dey give am food wen get nutrition wen dey balanced so e mind and bodi fit grow well.

Yur pikin need between 1500 and 1800 calories for him bodi everi day. Dis one go depend on him growth and d way wen he dey active reach. Typically,d calorie intake for boys and girls wen be dis age na:

  • Boys: 1,706 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,599 Kcal/day

Here na snapshot of wetin yu fit give yur pikin to make up him daily nutrition requirement:


Yur pikin need two servings of protein ( 32.4g) everi day. One serving dey equal to one to three tablespoons of lean meat, chicken, or fish, four to five tablespoons of dry beans and peas, or one egg.


Yur pikin need three (100g) cups of fruits everyday. One cup of fruit dey equal to one cup of fresh, frozen, or canned fruit, half (1/2) cup dried fruit, half (1/2) of a large apple, one eight- or nine-inch banana, or one medium grapefruit.

If yur pikin wan drink fruit juice, make sure sey na 100% pure juice and yu no add sugar. Make yu give juice wen fresh anytime wen yu fit, if yu fit use am with d skin becos of d fibre, e go better sef.


For dis age, yur pikin need two cups (100g each) of vegetables every day. One cup of vegetables dey equal to one cup of cooked or raw vegetables, two cups of raw leafy greens, one large tomato, or two medium carrots.

Give yur pikin rainbow for him plate every week.  For example, diferent vegetables with plenti colour, wen get dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, starchy and others, each week. Wen yu dey select canned or frozen vegetable, make yu find d one wen get low sodium.


E good make yu introduce at least four ounces of grains inside yur pikin food. One ounce of grains dey equal to one slice of bread, one cup of ready-to-eat cereal, or half (1/2) cup of cooked pasta or cooked cereal.

Make yu choose whole grains, like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, or brown or wild rice. Reduce grain wen dem don refine like white bread, pasta and rice.


Yur pikin suppose dey drink 17 to 20 ounces of milk everi day if e too small.  Yu fit replace one cup of milk with one cup of yogurt or soy milk , 1½ ounces of natural cheese, or two ounces of processed cheese.

To summarise d whole thing, na wetin yur pikin need everi day be dis. Yu fit read up make yu for know d amount:

  • Fruits: three cup for boys; three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 32.4g for boys; 32.4g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)

Vaccinations and common sickness

Yur pikin no dey due for any vaccination dis month. But yu fit follow yur doktor talk make he for give yur pikin vaccine for flu.

Common sickness wen yu go dey on d look out for na common flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps and possible food allergies. Also make yu look out for Hand Foot and Mouth disease. 

Treating Common Sickness

To fit manage d the three most common medical issues wen pikin dey get– fever, cough, and cold – make yu try d following:

  • To treat feva: While feva na one of d common sickness, yu go fit treat am for house if yu use common home remedies. If yur pikin temperature don reach  38°C (100.4°F), give am plenti water drink. Make yu use lukewarm compress take bring di temperature down. Yu fit use am for him fore head, armpit, private part. Also e good make yu encourage yur pikin make he rest well. But if d temperature don high pass 38°C (100.4°F),take am go doktor make he give yu prescription for medicine wen yu go buy ova d counta.
  • To treat cough: Cough na reflex wen dey clear throat. But e fit make pikin dey irritable if cattarrh and sneeze follow am.  Ideally, e make brain if yu try some kine simple remedy like ginger and honey wen yu mix inside warm water. Tell yur pikin make he dey drink minimum of eight cups of water every day to commot any discomfort wen he dey feel. If yur pikin no dey feel fine afta three to five days, take am go hospital for treatment.
  • To treat cold: Unless na wetin dey veri serious, make yu no take drugs wen yu buy ova d counta for common cold. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics no go fit work for am. If yur pikin get cold, body pain and feva togeda, e fit be influenza na im dey do am. Go see doktor for medical advice.

Abeg make yu take note sey while e get some drugs wen yu go buy ova d counta and yu no go need prescription for am, d first option wen yu suppose try for medical issues wen no too dey serious na simple home remedy.

E dey good make yu dey teach yur pikin about good hygiene especially how to take wash hand. Dis one go help reduce d way wen sickness dey take spread.

Wen yu fit call doktor?

If yur pikin:

  • Get feva wen high pass  38 degrees Celcius.
  • Dey lose weight suddenli.
  • Dey always complain of pain.

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Resources: WebMD,,  HealthyChildren .org 

Republished with permission from The Asian Parent

(*Disclaimer: This is the median height and weight according to WHO standards)

Written by

Anino Aganbi