5 Years 8 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

5 Years 8 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Wetin yur pikin dey up to dis month? Peep inside dis development article make yu know weda yur pikin dey on track.

From di time wen yur pikin be six months to wen he don reach 5 years 8 months old pikin so, di way wen yur pikin dey grow don dey amaze yu.

Inside dis article, we go see all di common milestones wen 5 years 8 months old pikin suppose don achieve, but make yu no forget sey efiri pikin get e own pace wen he dey take grow.

5 Years 8 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey on Track?

5 Years 8 Months Old Pikin Development And Milestones

Physical Development

By now,yur 5 years 8 months old pikin suppose don dey wear/off clothe by himsef, wear him own shoe and na dis way yu go fit sabi how him moto skill don develop reach. Yur smally don dey weigh a whole 20kg or 44 pounds! E reach make yu dey excited sey all di food wen yur pikin dey chop dey worth am.

By dis age, yur pikin weight and height suppose be:

  • Boys
    – Height: 113.5 cm (44.7 inches)
    – Weight: 20 kg (44lb)
  • Girls
    – Height: 112. 7 cm (44.4 inches)
    – Weight: 19.6 kg (43.1lb)

Before yu sabi wetin dey happen, he go don tall reach yu. But neva fear, dat time neva reach yet.

E dey veri important make yu dey encourage yur pikin go play for outsdie, no be efifi time he suppose siddon for front of TV/game or laptop.

If yur pikin don dey get interest for football and tennis, na now be di best time wen yu fit kintroduce dem to am. Sports dey help yur pikin develop physicalli, e even dey give yur pikin betta leadership skill.


  • Use sports take help yur pikin motor skill strong.
  • Make yur pikin practice him writing skills, as e go help am hone  him fine moto skills.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

  • If yur pikin dey always fall wen he run.
  • Wen he no fit use one leg take balance
  • Still dey find am hard to hold pencil well

Cognitive Development: 5 Years 8 Months Old Pikin

By now, yur smally suppose don dey read and write small, he fit even count pass 50. Him curiositi go still dey make am ask yu plenti queshion, na how yu go use take know sey him cognitive skill dey develop.

If yur pikin love to read book and do simple maths, make yu encourage am. E go help am set betta foundation wen go build him cognitive development. Yur pikin don start to dey undastand difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow. Shidren wen dey dis age, don even sabi wetin tell difference for past, present with future.


  • Buy STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths) toys for yur pikin make he use take play to help am improve cognitive development.
  • Follow yur pikin play interesting game wen go make am think.
  • Relate things wen dey happen efiri day to wetin yur pikin fit learn. And yu fit make dem interesting for am.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

  • If yur pikin no fit count reach 20.
  • Yur pikin still neva fit read three letter words.
  • No even dey curious about anything wen dey happen around am.

kid is willing to share

Social and Emotional Development

Yur 5 years 8 months old pikin social and emotional skills don develop well. He prefer make he follow him mates dem play pass sey he play by himsef.  All dat tantrum wen he been dey throw don stop now.

Yur pikin dey feel efiri small emotion and go cry wen he dey sad or something dey frustrate am. Dis na normal part of emotional development for d age wen he dey so. Pet yur pikin if e happen and encourage am make he tell yu wetin no dey make am happi.

Dat time wen yur pikin no dey wan share don pass. Now he dey happi to share him things give pipo. Yur pikin fit even wan put mouth wen adult dey talk, but dat one dey good for him social development.


  • No tell yur pikin make he do one thing while yu dey do di opposite. Yu go teach yur pikin wetin no good.
  • No make yur pikin feel like sey any emotion wen he dey feel na nonsense. Instead follow am talk about wetin he dey feel.
  • Wen e reach emotions for boy and girl, no go dey talk sey boys no dey do one thing or di oda. Na wrong message yu dey teach yur pikin.
  • E good make yu teach yur pikin manna, but abeg no force dem make dem hug pipo, weda dem sabi dem or not.
  • No be efiri time yu pikin go wan follow oda shidren play. Wen e happen like dat, make yu dey undastand.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

  • Once yu see sey yur pikin behavior no be like before again.
  • If yur pikin start to show some kine emotion we dey violent.
  • If he no wan follow oda shidren take play.

Speech and Language Development

Sometimes, yur 5 years 8 months old pikin fit dey make yu laff with di way wen he dey wan talk like adult. Shidren wen dey dis age dey mix dia gramma up sometimes. No mind any error wen he make as he dey talk, e go correct with time.

Yur pikin go don dey undastand efiri thing wen yu talk by now. He go even don dey command any bodi wen he senior and go dey use him vocabulary wen dey grow .


  • Encourage yur pikin make he talk for front of mirror.
  • Na wetin yur pikin see yu do, na im he dey copy. Including di way wen yu dey talk. So no forget to add abeg and thank yu wen yu dey talk. And if yu dey vex, control di tone of yur voice.
  • Buy books wen dey suitable for yur pikin age.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

  • If yur pikin dey stamma.
  • If he no fit read simple sentence.


nutrition for 5years 8 month old

Health and Nutrition

As yur pikin dey grow so, e dey important make he chop food wen get balance diet. At least even if yu wan give am sweet mouth, make e be once in a while. Yu go see sey di way wen he dey select food go reduce and he go start to enjoy some kine food.

Di amount of calorie wen boys and girls wen dey dis age suppose take na:

  • Boys: 1,724 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,614 Kcal/day

Yur pikin need to dey drink plenti water and di amount wen he need efiri day na  1500ml. He/she suppose sey chop reach 3 times for one day. See some nutritional requirement wen yur 5 years 8 months old pikin need.

Dairy group

Yogurt and milk get veri important nutrient wen yur pikin need for dis age.  Yu need to add 3 cups of milik/yogurt to yur pikin food as he dey chop. Di requirement of milik wen yur pikin suppose take na  2.5 cups.

If yur pikin no like any thing wen come from cow, yu fit find way wen yu go add am to him food.

Protein group

For pikin wen dey dis age, CDC talk sey make dem chop 32.4  grams of protein efiri day. So make yu add eggs, milik, chicken and oda proein wen yu fit think about to yur pikin food.

Fruit and vegetable group

Yu fit dey creative with di way wen yu dey use fruit and vegetable. Shidren need 3 cups of fruits and 2 cups of vegetables efiri day. So yu fit use am as snacks for dem. No forget to find out di fruit wen yur pikin like pass.

Yur pikin need to chop like 4 ounces of grains and nuts efiri day. Rice and bread dey advisable make he chop.

To summarize efiri thing, see wetin yur pikin need (check up if yu wan sabi di amount wen yu fit use):

  • Fruits: three cups for boys; three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys; two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys; four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 32.4g for boys; 32.4g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys; 17-20 ounces for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys; 1500 ml for girls (around six cups)


Make yu take betta care of yur pikin teeth. If yu neva carri am go dentist before, try make yu take am.

  • Teach yur pikin about wetin fit wound am as he dey play. Make sure sey he undastand wetin go happen if he cross road by himsef, play with fire or socket.
  • Teach yur pikin how to make simple food. E go make am get betta nutrition and go give am betta skill wen he need for life.
  • Allow yur pikin eat food wen go give am balanced diet.
  • No dey give yur pikin sweet and mineral wen no get any health benefit.

Vaccinations and Common Sickness

By now, yur pikin suppose don take all him vaccine dem. Although some dey wen dem dey collect efiri year like flu shot. Make yu ask yur doktor for more informate about dis vaccine.

Di more time wen yur pikin dey spend for school dey leave open to common colds and the flu. So make yu dey monitor yur pikin weda he get rashes or feva. Encourage yur pikin make he tell yu if anything dey do am, and den carri am go hospita if yu no dey sure of wetin cause am.

Na common cold and flu be di easiest sickness wen yur pikin fit catch for school, na so him immuniti take dey build.

5 years 8 months old

Treating Common Sickness

Try di following remedi to fit manage feva, cough and cold for yur pikin bodi:

  • To treat feva: If yur pikin temperature don reach 38°C (100.4°F), make yu try some home remedi take bring am down first. Give yur pikin plenti water drink and make he rest well. Soak small towel for warm water use take clean yur pikin bodi, make di temperature fit go down small, but if e high pass 38°C (100.4°F) make sure sey yu carri dat pikin go hospita.
  • To treat cough: We sabi sey cough dey help yu clear throat , but e no cause discomfort once catarrh and sneeze come follow am. Before yu think of medicine wen yu wan buy, make yu try some home remedi first. Yu fit mix ginger and honey inside warm water, allow yur pikin drink plenti water. If di cough no stop within 3-5 days, carri am go see doktor.
  • To treat cold: Unless e don too disturb yu, try make yu no take medicine wen yu buy ova di counta. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics no fit work for am. If yur pikin get cold with bodi pain and feva, den e fit be influenza. Carri am go see doktor.

E dey important make we tell yu sey, while yu fit buy medicine if yu no get prescription, di first thing wen yu suppose try for minor sickness na home remedi first.

For example, make yu give pikin wen get cold/cough water wen warm take drink. He/she fit use salt water take gargle if he/she get sore throat.

Na betta thing if yu teach yur pikin how to fit practice betta hygiene, especialli how to dey wash hand. E go prevent di way wen disease dey take spread.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin:

  • Feva high pass 39 degrees Celsius
  • Get bruises, bumps or rashes wen yu no sabi how dem take come.
  • Dey always complain of headache and pain all ova him bodi
  • Dey vomit or pudge pass two days

Sources: WebMD


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