6 "Bedroom" problems only parents will understand

6 "Bedroom" problems only parents will understand

We're not saying sex got better or worse after having kids, but it definitely became different! These are the bedroom problems only parents will understand.

We're not here to tell you that your sex life got better or worse after having kids, but if there's one thing all parents can agree upon, it's that your sex life was different after having kids!

Before your first baby arrived, it may have seemed like the honeymoon phase would never end. In fact, you and your partner might have been inseparable! Now that you've got a kid (or kids) in the house, however, chances to "get it on" may come few and far between!

From the drastic shift in responsibilities and priorities, sleep deprivation, and constant presence of a little one around...there just aren't as many chances or ways to make the most of intimacy in your marriage after having kids. Albeit, that doesn't mean you don't still find ways to capitalize on "naughty time"!

For better or for worse, these are the (hilariously accurate) bedroom problems that only parents will understand:

1. Getting creative with your lies

Now that you've got kids running around the house, you've probably had to come up with a few clever fibs that help disguise what you and your partner are really  doing when the door is locked.

Kid: "What are you doing in there, Mom and Dad?"

You: "Nothing, honey! Just folding the laundry..."


2. Ethical dilemmas

Maybe you're familiar with the serious ethical dilemmas that arise when you're trying to squeeze in some sexy time. For example, baby is asleep for the first time in (what seems like) two days; should leave him to rest unattended and try to make the most of it? The ethical debate continues!


3. Foreplay goes out the window

Younger kids need constant attention from moms and dads. That means they're like ticking time bombs at times! In other words, there's little time--if any--for foreplay before one of the youngsters comes and bangs on your bedroom door in fear of the monster under his bed. Best chance for intimacy: drop foreplay all together.

4. Paternal instincts are constantly running

You may not realize it, but your entire train of thought changed dramatically by the time you brought baby into this world. That means that as the years go by, you may find it harder and harder to stop thinking about being a parent...even for a split second. As you can image (or probably know) it can be difficult to get "in the mood" when you're thinking about whether or not little Suzy brushed her teeth well enough before bedtime.

5. Date night is less about the date, more about the post-date

Date night can still be just as romantic as you need it to be. However, sometimes it's not all about the romance--it's about the fact that the kiddos are staying with the grandparents for the night, and you've got a vacant bed waiting at home. Forget dinner! CHECK. PLEASE. NOW!

6. You DEFINITELY don't want to share your "toys"

Not every couple is as experimental or kinky as some. The ones that are understand the struggle that comes from trying to hide those "toys" of yours from your ever so curious kids. You DEFINITELY don't want them discovering what's in that box in the closet, or that locked drawer in your nightstand.

This article was based on an article published by Women's Health Magazine

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