Ready For A Fun Family Getaway? Check Out These Places In Lagos, Nigeria

Ready For A Fun Family Getaway? Check Out These Places In Lagos, Nigeria

As we approach the holidays, this is a helpful guide for parents looking for places to visit in Lagos Nigeria for a great family getaway

Getaways present us with avenues to recharge ourselves, to experience another environment even if it’s within the same city. Work and engagements may not always allow you and your family to get away from the usual Lagos life. But there are places to visit in Lagos Nigeria for a fun family getaway. You can make your choice according to what inspires you or what your wife and kids love. Whether it’s nature, wildlife, art, etc. 

Places to visit in Lagos Nigeria for a fun family getaway

The following places in Lagos can offer you and your family an ideal getaway.


  • Lekki Conservation Centre
Places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

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Nothing re-centres you like nature. And if your family happens to be big on nature, this is precisely the place. Lekki Conservative Centre is a conservation that houses Africa’s longest walkway.

The place also teems with wildlife like crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, etc. If it is your first time visiting with your family, they must not miss the fun of using the walkway, treehouses, and canopy walks. But make sure everyone is dressed in loose and casual outfits. Each adult pays two thousand naira for the walkway. 


  • Freedom Park

Places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

This park is right in the heart of Lagos, Victoria Island. For lovers of Fela and music, this could be your place. Freedoms Park is safe for your family, with open-air, food, and groovy music. And that’s not all. The park is a cultural, arts, and recreational site with historical monuments. There’s the Wole Soyinka Art gallery, Amphitheater, Skeletal cells, Museum, etc. 


  • Omu Resort

Places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Omo Resort houses a lot of recreational and educational activities for your family. A perfect place for a serene evening with your family. There’s a zoo, an amusement park, horse riding, wave pool, quad biking, go-karting, aquarium, birdhouse, climbing towers and slides, children’s waterpark, bouncy castles, sea museum and more. Additionally, Omu Resort is very safe. 

  • Filmhouse IMAX 

Places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Placed strategically, Filmhouse is a place for a wonderful time at the theatre with family. With 3D movies on the huge IMAX screen, terrific sound quality, super comfortable chairs, valet services you are sure to have a wonderful time with family. Also, the staff are friendly, and there’s a restaurant on the upper floor. 


  • Ikeja City Mall

Places to visit in Lagos Nigeria

Located on Obafemi Awolowo Road, Ikeja Mall is spacious enough for a wonderful experience with you and your family. It offers fun activities for both children and adults, a great place to see a movie and do grocery shopping. Definitely, a place you should bring your family, especially when you feel like mingling. 


  • Tarkwa Bay Beach

Ready For A Fun Family Getaway? Check Out These Places In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is a bustling place one needs to get away from time to time. And Tarkwa Bay is just the place. The beach is clean, with an excellent music collection.  Idyllic view from the rocks, boat cruise at fair prices, and less crowded. It is a laid back environment, and that’s what makes it great for a family getaway. You also have options for food and cabanas. 


Where you want to take the family may depend on what you’re looking for at that moment. Whether it’s peace and quiet, arts and history or the movies, there’s somewhere for you and your family.

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Lydia Ume