Yur 6 Years 1 Month Old Pikin Development And Milestones Guide

Yur 6 Years 1 Month Old Pikin Development And Milestones Guide

In this article, we look at common 6 year 1 month old child developmental milestones. Check if your child is on track with this information.

See how yur pikin don take big reach! Na who go believe sey dat smally wen yu rock for yur hand yesterday, don readi to dey go school? Na so.... yur 6 years 1 month old pikin don dey enta di next milestone as primari school pikin.

Na now, he go dey make new relationships with oda shidren and teachers for school, and he go get interest for oda activiti like football or music.

Which exciting new milestones yu fit expect from yur pikin dis month? Make yu follow us for dis article, find out.

As we dey show yu all dese important developments, make yu rememba sey efiri pikin dey different and go grow for him own pace. If yu get any question, go ask yur doktor.

6 Years 1 Month Old Pikin Development and Milestones: Shey Yur Pikin Dey On Track? 

kids and their physical deelopment at 6 years 1 month old

Physical Development

By now, yur pikin average weight and height suppose be:

  • Boys
    – Height: 116.2 cm (45.7 inches)
    – Weight: 21 kg (46.2 lb)
  • Girls
    – Height: 115.59 cm (45.5 inches)
    – Weight: 20.5 kg (45.3 lb)

Yur 6 years 1 month old pikin dey active pass before, so he/she go wan join sports for school or house.

Dis na betta time make parents start to enrol dia pikin for different class to fit improve dia skills and interest.

Na for dese classes yu go fit see yur pikin natural athletic abiliti.

Dis na because dia motor skill don increase and dem fit concentrate more now pass as before.

Minus dat one, physical activiti dey good for pikin brain development e dey improve di memory and overall health as e dey help dem build strong bone and muscle and go reduce depression and anxieti wen dem dey feel.

Make yu observe di following development for yur pikin

Yur pikin suppose

  • Don sabi run, jump e.t.c.
  • Tie him shoe-lace well
  • Ride bicycle wen get two wheel
  • Get betta balance
  • Feed himsef/hersef
  • Hold pencil well take draw/write
  • Fit dance to rhythm of music.


  • Enrol yur pikin for physical activiti.
  • For weekend, make una do famili physical activiti.
  • Chop food wen dey healthi.
  • Teach yur pikin about betta nutrition.
  • Reduce di time wen yur pikin dey use take watch TV.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk:

If yur pikin,

  • Get bad hand-eye coordition.
  • No fit wear him/her uniform.
  • Dey lose skill wen he/she been get before.

Child development and milestones: Your 6-years-1-month-old

Cognitive Development - 6 Years 1 Month Old Pikin

Yur 6 years 1 month pikin brain don nearli reach 90% di size of adult own, na im be sey e don nearli reach e full capaciti. Try make yu dey nurture yur pikin brain with plenti activiti.

Yu go notice sey yur pikin don dey solve some problems without any help as he/she don move go environment wen dey structured (school).

So, parents, yu see sey yur smally don dey do more work by himsef.

Shidren wen dey dis age don fit tell di difference between right and wrong; and fit scold oda pikin wen dem do wetin dey wrong.

See some cognitive development yu fit notice for yur pikin.

Yur pikin fit dey:

  • Don dey get thoughts wen dey complex
  • Sabi wetin dey right or wrong
  • Don dey make friends
  • Fit handle tasks wen dey complicated for house and school
  • Get long attention span


  • Offer to help yur pikin if he/she come meet yu.
  • Buy STEAM toys
  • Relate efirithin wen happen during di day to wetin yur pikin fit learn.
  • Follow yur pikin read
  • Use question take ansa yur pikin question, as e go help am think.
  • Teach yur pikin different topics.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • dey find am hard to follow oda pikin talk
  • No fit take care of himself/herself
  • No fit recognise him name wen dem call am.

social and emotional development

Social and Emotional Development 

Yur 6 years 1 month old pikin don turn social butterfly and dey make friend efiri wia he go.

He or she fit even get best friend for school, and na mainly him own genda he go follow make friends.

Make yu undastand sey yur pikin don dey find new friend and he fit dey anxious as he dey move from Nurseri to primari school.

See some oda development wen yu fit see for yur pikin:

Yur pikin:

  • Fit speak him mind.
  • Dey eager to make new friends.
  • Undastand how to follow oda pipo work.
  • Dey like to meet new pipo.


  • Dey check yur pikin efiri time, make yu fit sabi weda he dey cope with school.
  • Tell yur pikin wetin e mean to bully oda pipo.
  • Give yur pikin easy work do for house.
  • Make yur pikin dey free to fit ask yu anything.
  • Teach yur pikin how to respect pipo wen old pass am.
  • Praise yur pikin wen he do wetin good.
  • No go jam pack yur pikin day with activiti.
  • Teach yur pikin make he dey wary of stranger and make he/she no allow anybody touch am anyhow.

Wen yu fit follow doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • No fit do make he no dey near yu.
  • No dey wan follow him mates dem play.
  • Too dey shy.


relating to friends at 6 years

Speech and Language Development

Yur 6 years 1 month old pikin don dey fluent for di way wen he take dey talk, and he fit talk with full confidence.

Now, yur pikin fit wan follow yu argue with reason. Minus dat one, yur pikin don dey show interest for reading and writing.

See some development for dis area: 

Yur pikin:

  • Don sabi use complete sentence take talk well.
  • Fit follow yu argue
  • Don dey use present and past tense.
  • Sabi read and write.
  • Don start to dey identifi word pattern.


  • Read bedtime tori give yur pikin and allow am read give yu.
  • No follow yur pikin talk baby language.
  • Ask yur pikin wetin happen for him day.
  • Teach yur pikin new words and wetin dem mean.

Wen yu fit follow yur doktor talk

If yur pikin,

  • No wan read at all.
  • No fit use correct sentence well.
  • Dey stammer plenti.


Health and Nutrition 

Make sure sey yur pikin diet get betta healthi nutritious food. Wen yur pikin dey chop healthi, e go help improve him growth and development. No forget sey yur pikin need balance diet to fit sustain di way wen he take dey grow.

Introduce yur pikin to different kine food wen dey nourishing.

Child development and milestones_ Your 6-years-1-month-old

Pikin wen dey dis age suppose dey chop dis kine food efiri day

Di calori intake for pikin wen dey dis age na:

  • Boys: 1,759 Kcal/day
  • Girls: 1,650 Kcal/day

Since di amount of calori wen yur pikin suppose take na 1600 Kcal, e good make yu dey give am snacks wen dey healthi join. Try make yu no give am too much snacks as e fit make am no chop well.

No forget sey exercise dey veri important for yur pikin development as e go make am fit, strong and healthi.

See wetin yu need for yur pikin diet:

Dairy group

Yur pikin need two to three cup of milk efiri day. Yu fit mix am with yoghurt or cheese, but make e no dey too much.

Protein group

Make yu try give yur pikin protein two times for one day. So, go buy protein wen yur pikin go enjoy.

Fruit and vegetable group

Fruits and vegetables dey good to help fight sickness and constipation. Allow yur pikin dey take two cups of fruits and vegetables efiri day.


For dis age, yur pikin need 4 ounce of grains efiri day. One ounce dey equal to cereal wen don readi, or one slice of bread, or 1/2 cup of pasta wen don cook.

Wen yu dey chose grains, make sure sey yu reduce di amount of refined grain wen yu give yur pikin.

To summarize efiri thing, see wetin yur pikin need, yu fit check up for di amount:

  • Fruits: three cups for boys, and three cups for girls
  • Vegetables: two cups for boys, and two cups for girls
  • Grains: four ounces for boys, and four ounces for girls
  • Proteins: 36g for boys, and 36g for girls
  • Milk: 17-20 ounces for boys, and 17-20 for girls
  • Water: 1500 ml for boys, and 1500ml for girls (around six cups)


  • Make sure sey yur pikin food dey balanced with different kine food.
  • No buy too many mineral and food wen get plenti fat.
  • Make yu sef dey chop food wen dey healthi so yur pikin go fit chop too.
Vaccinations and Common Sickness

Yur pikin don alreadi take almost all him vaccine by dis age , but e still dey good make yu check yur doktor if yu no dey sure. E get di one wen yur pikin need efiri year, like flu shot.

Di more time wen yur pikin dey spend for school, di more he/she dey exposed to common colds and the flu. And again, e good make yu dey monitor yur pikin body for any how rashes. No put fear for yur pikin body, so he go fit tell yu wen anything dey do am or if him body dey scratch am.

See vaccine wen yur pikin suppose don take by now:

  • DTaP vaccine wen dey protect against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis
  • IPV vaccine for against polio
  • MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella
  • Varicella vaccine dey protect against chickenpox
  • A flu shot wen he go take efiri year

Go check yur doktor weda yur pikin vaccine dem don complete.

Even if yur pikin don take all him vaccine, small small common sickness still fit catch am. If yur pikin be like sey he get discomfort, dey vomit, get diarrhoea or feva wen high pass 38°C/100.4°F, abeg carri am go see doktor.

Treat Common Sickness

To fit  manage some  common medical issues for pikin –like  feva, cough, and cold – yu fit try di following:

  • Feva: If yur pikin feva dey lo pass 38.5°C, give am plenti water drink and allow am rest well. Yu fit use lukewarm water take press yur pikin bodi make di temperature fit come down. But if di temperature high pass 38°C (100.4°F), make yu quick carri am go hospital.
  • Cough: Even though we sabi sey cough na reflex, e fit make yu dey uncomfortable once catarrh and sneeze come follow am. Before e go reach dat side, e betta make yu try some home remedi like mix ginger and honey inside warm water. If e still continue afta some days, make yu waka go see doktor.
  • Cold: Unless  e don pass wetin yu fit handle, make yu try no give yur pikin medicine wen yu buy ova counta take treat common cold. Na virus dey cause cold, so antibiotics fit no work for am. But once yur pikin don dey get bodi pain feva wen high join am, e fit be influenza. Na dat time yu go need go see doktor.

For oda common sickness like chicken pox, e betta make yu go see doktor once yu see sey di feva neva go afta two days. No try give yur pikin aspirin as e fit cause dmage to him liver and brain. Instead, make sure sey yur pikin collect him chicken pox vaccine.

Wen yu fit see yur doktor:

If yur pikin:

  • Dey small for him age
  • Get rashes, lumps or bruises wen no dey usual
  • Dey underweight or ova weight
  • Dey run belle or vomit plenti, or get feva wen high pass 39 degrees Celsius.

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Sources: Mayo ClinicCDC, Web MD

Republished with permission from theAsianparent

Written By Africa Parent

Translated By Anino Aganbi

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Anino Aganbi