66 Urhobo names and their meanings

66 Urhobo names and their meanings

Urhobo names are very symbolic and can often be used for both boys and girls. Their meanings often mark the Parents wishes for the child or tell you about circumstances surrounding their birth.

Just like all Nigerian tribes, the Urhobo people, from the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, believe in the significance of names. Therefore, names that are believed will have a positive impact are used.

The Urhobo Naming Culture

Urhobo names can be quite complex in length and pronunciation. Names may come in their short, medium, or long forms, but the meanings never change. Grandparents or other older relatives are usually given the privilege of naming children as a sign of respect. The Urhobo people also do not have any special naming ceremonies that require performing certain rites.

66 Urhobo names and meanings

Here is our selection of Urhobo names.


urhobo boys names

  1. Achojah: Rise up to challenge
  2. Agbarha: Born in Agbarha
  3. Akpofure: Life is now peaceful
  4. Aruegodore: We have come home
  5. Ataikiru: Talk or plan before taking action
  6. Edewor: Sacred day of worship in traditional religion
  7. Ahwinahwi: A really black or dark individual
  8. Erhiaganoma: Guardian spirit overpowers the body
  9. Etaidaferua: Words of the wealthy are more acceptable
  10. Etanomare: Freed from blame or despair
  11. Etaredafe: Words of the wealthy
  12. Ighomuedafe: Money intoxicates the wealthy
  13. Ighovavwerhe: There is joy in riches
  14. Irikefe: First to become wealthy
  15. Igberaharha: The poor take the blame
  16. Oboganriemu: Be strong to survive
  17. Odafe: Rich individual
  18. Oghenerioborue: Great novel Triumph, prove superior of the contest
  19. Ohwonigho: A person is greater than riches
  20. Okagbare: I have all styles and skills
  21. Ohwofasa: A person's status should be defined by his achievement.
  22. Udumebraye: My presence gives them heartache
  23. Uhwokori: The one who is born in Uhwokori
  24. Uloho: Iroko tree
  25. Umukoro: Young man
  26. Urhie: River
  27. Uvo: Dry or sunny season


urhobo girls names

  1. Asaroyoma: Comfort zone
  2. Enohor/Elohor: Blessing
  3. Omotejohwo: A girl is also a human being
  4. Omotekoro: A girl is like gold
  5. Omotore: Girl's birth brings festivity
  6. Omotughele: Girl from Ughelli
  7. Omotukane: Girl born in diaspora
  8. Umukoko: Young woman
  9. Umuto: Woman


urhobo names unisex

  1. Akpenvwoghene: Praise God
  2. Akpenvwoghene: Praise God
  3. Akpobome: My own life
  4. Akporovwovwo: Good life in later years
  5. Anaborhi: The one who is born with a good destiny
  6. Ejiroghene: Praise God
  7. Ejokparoghene: Let's trust in God
  8. Ejomafuvwe: Let peace reign in my life
  9. Erhimeyoma: My guardian spirit (God) is good
  10. Miriodere: I now have a name
  11. Norioghene: Look at God's judgment
  12. Odavwaro: I am contented
  13. Oghenebrume: God decided in my favour
  14. Oghenechovwe: God aided me
  15. Oghenefejiro: God is praiseworthy
  16. Oghenegaren: God is great
  17. Oghenekevwe: God gave me
  18. Ogheneme: My God
  19. Oghenemine: I look up to God
  20. Oghenerukevwe: God did this for me
  21. Ogheneruno: God has done so much
  22. Oghenetega: God is worship-worthy
  23. Oghenochuko: God provides my support
  24. Oghomena: Here is my respect
  25. Oghonoro: Respect is greater than money
  26. Omonigho: Child is greater than money
  27. Omonoro: Child is greater than gold
  28. Onajite: This is sufficient

The names above try to capture all that's important to Urhobo people when it comes to choosing a baby name. Names that show appreciation, achievement, and special days are all considered.

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Written by

Lydia Ume