Gorgeous Afro hairstyles for baby girls

Gorgeous Afro hairstyles for baby girls

Are you looking for Afro baby hairstyles? This article will guide you on different hairstyles for your babies that are pain-free and easy to make.

It is a given that you shouldn’t handle your baby’s hair the way you handle yours. While your baby’s hair can be stubborn, you cannot throw the same volume of products at her hair. Your baby’s scalp is still developing, and too much of anything might cause breakage. You want something simple yet classy, comfortable yet elegant. And finding Afro baby hairstyles that combine such characteristics can be tricky and challenging. Fortunately, there’s one factor about the afro hair that is in your favour. It allows you to switch up into simple hairstyles that protects your baby’s hair. We bring you different style ideas you can try on your baby girl.

Afro baby hairstyles For Your Baby’s Natural Hair

Below are afro hairstyles for your baby’s natural hair.

  • Messy side ponytail

Afro baby hairstyles

The messy side ponytail is an easy and quick style to accomplish. Your baby can wear it anywhere, including the church, school, or birthday parties. Backcomb the hair and gently smoothen the top of the hair. Then take the backcombed hair and make it into a pony at the nape of your baby’s neck, a bit to the side. Roughen the hair to make it a bit messy.

  • Twist and band
Afro baby hairstyles

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Choose this style especially if your baby girl has short hair. All you’ll need to perfect this style is a headband and a cute bow. The simplicity of twist and band leaves your baby girl looking classy and comfortable.

  • Twisted cornrows

Afro baby hairstyles

Twisted cornrow is a trendy style that never goes out of fashion. Begin by parting the hair from the forehead backwards, then twist to any direction of your choice. Continue twisting from the forehead backwards. Pin down each twist with clips so it doesn’t come undone.

  • Funky afro

Afro baby hairstyles

The funky afro looks great on babies of all face shape. Whether round-faced, oval-shaped face,  square face, an oblong face, diamond-shaped face, heart-shaped face. All you need is a few tweaks here and there and your baby is good to go. This style affords your baby’s hair the kind of freedom another style may not afford. To perfect this look, firstly, apply some hair product to flatten the hair. Then, you comb the pony hair out.

  • Twisted Buns

Twisted buns for girls

Twisted buns let you decide how many buns you want to make on your baby’s hair. This style is sure to give your baby girl a graceful look while being comfortable. Section the hair into as many buns as you like and then use bows to decorate. Simple and easy.

  • Mohawks

Mohawk for girls

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Mohawk style is flexible and easy to do. There are different simple and complicated styles. Gather a few ponytails at the centre and hold with rubber bands. However, more complicated styles may require some hair accessories.

  • Bantu knots and buns

bantu hairstyle

Bantu knots and buns is a style known for its cuteness and easy-to-do process. The style was created by the Zulus of South Africa. To perfect this style, section the hair into different sections across the hair and twist to make a mini knot and hold with rubber bands. Do not twist too tight. Twist just tight enough for the knot to hold.


Whichever style you choose for your baby, make sure the styling is not too tight. Also, avoid products like relaxers and any metal accessories.

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