7 Gorgeous Back To School Black Girl Hairstyles

7 Gorgeous Back To School Black Girl Hairstyles

When school reopens, mums (and some dads!) usually get busy trying to stock up on school supplies and other essentials. Households with daughters know the struggle of trying to choose cute black girl back to school hairstyles.

Making sure that your little girl returns to school in neat uniforms and well-done hair is an endeavor that will last the whole school term. This means that starting school on the right note is so important, as it could affect how the rest of the term goes.

black girl back to school hairstyles

Image source: cooleasyhairstyles.com

Here are some hairstyles to choose from.

Black girl back to school hairstyles – cute styles that are suitable for school

1. Shuku or all-up cornrows
black girl back to school hairstyles

Shuku hairstyle. Image source: Pinterest

Shuku is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigeria. Women in Nigeria have worn this hairstyle long before the country got independence. It is one of the suitable back to school black girl hairstyles because it is low-maintenance and easy to make.

Your daughter can concentrate on her school work rather than have to fuss with her hair all the time. You can even opt for two shuku buns instead of one.

2. Jumbo box braids
hairstyles for kids

Box braids. Image source: pinterest


Jumbo box braids are not only beautiful, but they also guarantee that your daughter will not spend too long in the stylist’s chair. A good stylist will finish making the style in just a few hours. The jumbo box braid style is very versatile, meaning you can put it up in a bun or let the ends swing in a ponytail.

3. All-back cornrows
black girl back to school hairstyles

All-back cornrows. Image source: hairstylehub.com

All back cornrows are also popular for school girls. You can go for big rows or smaller rows, depending on how long you want the hair to last. Please note that smaller cornrows last longer than big ones. You can embellish the ends of the hair with colourful beads if your daughter’s school allows it.

4. High Puff or the pineapple
back to school

High puff. Image source: depeinados.com

The pineapple is a cute style for both children and adults. Most moms prefer to slick the hair with gel to make the style last longer. Also, you can use a synthetic weave to add more volume to the puff, but you need to, first of all, confirm that the school accepts hair attachments. The pineapple is one of the cutest black girl back to school hairstyles

5. Black girl back to school hairstyles: Clap

back to school hairstyles

clap hairstyle. Image source: weddingdigestnaija.com

Clap hairstyle is also another low-maintenance back to school hairstyle for black girls. It is done by weaving cornrows which meet at the centre of the girl’s head, hence, the name clap.

6. Back To School Black Girl Hairstyles: Threading
for black girls

African hair threading. Image source: Pinterest

Threads can be painful, but the right stylist will use such a light touch that the child will not feel pain. Parents love African hair threading because the child can carry the style for a long time. You can use sewing thread or wool.

7.  Back To School Black Girl Hairstyles: Twists
7 Gorgeous Back To School Black Girl Hairstyles

Twists. Image source: Thirstyroots.com

Twists are cute on little girls, especially if you decorate the ends with beads. You will need an attachment for this style if your child’s hair is relaxed. However, if your daughter’s hair is natural, you can achieve the style without attachments.

Things to know before choosing black girl back to school hairstyles

Black hair is unique and beautiful, and what works for straighter hair types may not work on your daughter’s curly hair. Some parents have the skills to style their girls’ hair at home but some have to take them to the stylist.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the hair yourself or if someone is getting paid to do it, you have to remember the following:

  • Deep condition the hair and wash before styling; you can only work on clean hair
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to retain moisture and protect your daughter’s hair from damage
  • Protect the edges by making sure the front of the hair is not pulled too tight; this can cause tension alopecia and make it hard for the hair to grow back
  • Protect the ends by moisturizing and trimming to prevent split ends
  • Some schools in Nigeria have a manual for acceptable hairstyles and hair attachments, so try not to go against school rules
  • Most importantly, the health of your daughter’s hair and scalp takes priority over any hairstyle

As a black mum, you’re probably concerned about sending your little girls to school with neat and tidy hair. These child-friendly hairstyles will help you achieve that goal!

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