Check Out These Stews From Around Africa

Check Out These Stews From Around Africa

Have you been eating the same meals over and over? Here are recipes of 7 stews from around Africa you can try this holiday.

Africa is colourful and rich in arts, music, language, fabrics, culture and traditions and of course food! Let's delight your tastebuds with these stews from around Africa.

7 Stews From Around Africa

Below are different stews from around the African continent.

  1. Tbeikhet 'Eid

This delicious but time-consuming stew originates from a city in Libya named Derna. Typical of Eastern Libyan dishes, where aromatic spices are favoured more than hot spices, Tbeikhet 'Eid is flavoured with cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, ginger, and shaiba leaves. To top it all off, the addition of raisins gives it a specific kind of sweetness. The main ingredients include lamb, chopped pumpkin, onions, clarified butter, crushed tomatoes, and chickpeas.

  1. Thiébou yapp

The usual ingredients for this awesome Senegalese stew include onions, garlic, bell peppers, cabbage and eggplants. Also add habanero peppers, mustard, carrots, tomatoes, paprika, vinegar, oil, and chopped parsley. Thiébou yapp is prepared by adding steamed broken rice to meat broth and chunks of beef and lamb. Thereafter, you leave it to simmer until it cooks fully.

  1. Denningvleis

stews from around africa

This South African traditional stew combines mutton or lamb, onions, garlic, tamarind, allspice, bay leaves, cloves, and nutmeg. When preparing Denningvleis, make sure to use as little water and braise the meat slowly. After preparation, serve this stew with South African yellow rice and a glass of wine to wash it down.

  1. Mbongo tchobi

cameroonian stew

Don't let the colour of this Cameroonian delightful stew fool you, for it is nothing short of delicious. You can prepare this stew with onions, tomatoes, fish, and meat such as lamb, beef, or goat. You also use the stick of the mbongo tree, alligator pepper, and a nutty spice known as njansa. After simmering the stew for a length of time, serve with boiled plantain beside Mbongo tchobi.

  1. Garden egg stew

prepared with garden egg

The main ingredient involved in the preparation of this wonderful Ghanaian stew is garden eggs or eggplant. The garden eggs are used like vegetables when preparing garden egg stew, combined with other ingredients including tomatoes, onions, peppers, palm oil, dried fish or shrimp. To season this delight of a dish, use ginger or nutmeg.

  1. Kedjenou

This Ivory Coast stew has some strict preparation procedures. They include cooking ingredients in a sealed clay pot and cooking over hot coals. Also, you have to shake the pot from time to time to keep the ingredients from sticking to the pot. Kedjenou ingredients include chicken pieces, eggplants, tomatoes, okra, onions, chilli peppers, ginger, thyme, garlic, and chicken broth.

  1. Ayamase stew

Ayamase stew originates from the Western part of Nigeria and is usually eaten with ofada rice, a locally grown rice. It took this stew some time to reach the popularity it enjoys today. Ayamase stew has bell peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, red onions, braised goat meat, smoked dried fish, smoked dried shrimp, and palm oil. This stew will bring all the tasty dreams your taste buds have to reality.

It is quite easy for foods to cross over the border. Try any of these stews from around Africa today and you may be the person responsible for its migration.

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Lydia Ume