8 Effective And Safe Home Remedies For Newborn Cold

8 Effective And Safe Home Remedies For Newborn Cold

Every new mom should have home remedies for newborn baby cold in her arsenal. Coughs and colds are super-common with infants.

If you’re like most parents, you’ve been dreading your baby’s first cold. You’ve been trying to protect your baby, keeping her happy and healthy for as long as possible. But it’s inevitable. Your perfect little baby will succumb to a cold at some point. Stuffy noses and sleepless nights leave babies feeling anxious. And as already sleep-deprived parents, they can push you to new limits. But there's a lot you can do to help your baby feel better at home. Try one or more of our home remedies for newborn baby cold.

They're also great for coughs and extremely safe. So you can be sure you're not bringing harm to your baby. There’s a lot you can do to help your baby, naturally. And this could serve as further bonding for you and your baby.

Have a look at our home remedies for newborn baby cold

Nurse baby... a lot!

home remedies for newborn baby cold

Breastfed babies get fewer colds and recover faster with less severe symptoms. Breast milk is chock full of powerful chemicals called antibodies. When a breastfeeding mother gets a cold virus, her body produces specific antibodies to the virus.

When you breastfeed, these antibodies go to your baby, providing an immune boost to fight the virus and rid the infection quickly. Interestingly, you don't need to get sick yourself. Just being close to your baby will stimulate antibody production specific to the virus your baby is fighting.

Wear your baby

8 Effective And Safe Home Remedies For Newborn Cold

Babywearing rocks. You should do it every time you get if you can. There are so many benefits to babywearing. For instance, babies feel better being in an upright position. It clears the congestion and breathing becomes easier. This helps her sleep well. Babywearing reduces ear infections; a complication of colds. Wearing your baby upright allows fluids to drain away from the ears naturally. This kills the chance of infection.

Unblock your baby's nostrils using a nasal spray

8 Effective And Safe Home Remedies For Newborn Cold

Imagine having a cold and not being able to blow your nose. That’s how your baby feels. Until toddlers are around two years old they can’t clear their noses properly. So, they need your help!

A gentle nasal spray is a must. It cleanses excessive mucous in the nasal passages and it will also encourage your baby to sneeze and expel more mucous.

Boost her immunity

8 Effective And Safe Home Remedies For Newborn Cold

Vitamin D and probiotics can strengthen your baby’s immune system. Known as the sunshine vitamin, our bodies produce it naturally with exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is vital for the immune system to function properly. Babies can become Vitamin D deficient as we try to protect them from the sun. You can use supplements after you've checked with your doctor.

 Raise the bed

Whether your baby sleeps in a crib or with your inclining the head end of the bed can help clear congestion and make sleep easier. Crib wedges can be Place some crib wedges under the fitted sheet in the crib or bed to help elevate babies' heads.

Humidify the air

Dry air causes nasal mucus to thicken and build up. Use either a warm air vaporizer or cool air humidifier to help clear nasal passages. If you do use a warm air vaporizer be sure to keep it out of reach of your baby. Because they can pose a burn hazard.

Sleep it off

Sleep and rest are key to recovery from any illness. And when your baby has a cold she is more restless than ever. A baby who was sleeping at night may now be up hourly. And nap schedules go out the window.

In addition to the tips above do anything you can think of to get in those precious naps as they will speed up your baby’s recovery. Go for a long drive if your baby sleeps well in the car for example.

Take it easy mama

Hopefully, these tips help you with your baby’s first cold. And remember, what your baby needs most is Mum and Dad. She needs cuddles, reassurance and a ton of TLC.

And take it easy on yourself. Your baby may be the one with the cold but it’s hard for parents too. A little self-care and time out goes a long way. Accept help from others when offered.

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