A Teenager In Jos Staged His Own Kidnap To Get Money For A Birthday Party.

A Teenager In Jos Staged His Own Kidnap To Get Money For A Birthday Party.

A teenager in Jos staged his own kidnap for a birthday party.

A teenager in Jos staged his own kidnap to raise money for a birthday party. The teenager who planned the ruse with his friends may have felt the void between him and his parents too great to surmount. He wanted to host a school-leaving party with his friends but could not find the funds to do so. What is indicting is that instead of asking for the funds from his parents he thought it easier to stage his own kidnap to raise the five hundred thousand naira.

When things go awry, a lot of Nigerian parents insist in retrospect that things would have turned out better if the child had come to them beforehand. But communication is a two-way street. Your child needs to see you as somebody they can talk to, not a distant figure whose only job is to instruct and discipline.

How A Teenager Staged His Kidnap To Get Money For His Birthday Party

Teenager staged his kidnap

The boy's father had just sold his car and his son saw it as an opportunity to lay his hands on the money. But he was left disappointed and angered when he couldn't find the money in the house.

Police said that the money for the car was not paid in cash. The money was paid into the father's account. “The money had been paid into the father’s account, so it was not there,” Mr Tyopev told the BBC.

He and four of his older friends have all been arrested by police and are all now in custody. The police had tracked down the phone number from which the ransom was demanded to an apartment in the city. Police say they are investigating if the boys have executed such a plan in the past.

According to Terna Tyopev, a police spokesman who spoke to the BBC, the father felt very terrible at the discovery. His son had not asked him for money for the party beforehand.

Tyopev further told the BBC that the scene “was expertly done.” The execution of the kidnapping was carried out by the boy’s friends—who are aged between 18 and 22.

“The boy’s friends pretended to be the kidnappers and contacted his father,” Tyopev said. “They warned him the son had been taken far away from Jos and he should not report to security agencies. The father reported only after the threat became very serious”.


Takeaways for Nigerian parents

A lot of what is called parenting in Nigeria leaves much to be desired, especially in terms of communication and a child's emotional needs. In a country where everything is scrutinized for its intrinsic value, little wonder Nigerian parents see it as a waste of money to celebrate their children's milestones.

For some parents, even birthdays are seen as unnecessary, let alone a school-leaving party. Your child might want to celebrate these milestones with their friends, but they would be unable to approach you as a parent because they know with a degree of certainty what your answer will be. As such, they might be inclined to take matters into their own hands.

It is easier when they can approach you with their demands. In fact, it would become an opportunity to teach them about money and priorities of life


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Lydia Ume