Different Types of Beautiful African Braids For Mum (With Pictures)

Different Types of Beautiful African Braids For Mum (With Pictures)

Braiding is a convenient and stylish choice for moms. The African hair is versatile and can be braided into flamboyant styles. However, a mom might not have a lot of time on her hands. We have compiled a list of simple African braids for mums. Do you know the best part? It does not take the whole day.

Here Is A List Of African Braids For Mums:

All up (Shuku) Cornrows

All up shuku braids for mums

Instagram @piumary_braids

This is a popular African braid style for mums. Does your baby like to grab your hair? This braid can easily be parked as a French bun on top of your head.  You still have to watch their wandering hands though.


All Back Ghana Cornrows

All back cornrows easy hairstyle for moms

Instagram @piumary_braids

This style is simple and like the name is braided all back. If you don’t want hair in your face on hot days, this is the style for you.


Crochet braids

Crotchet braids for mums

Instagram @crotchetbraidsbyjc

This is very simple and painless.  All you need to do is to buy 2- 3 packs of crotchet extensions. Crotchet packs are premade braids in different styles. You can install them yourself or you find a stylist to help you. You can be done in an hour. Also, you can reuse it



Dreadlocs simple braids for mums

Instagram @ohenhe_la_locs


Dreadlocs take time to install but it’s something you can consider a good “hair investment.”


Due to its durability, you can wear them for as long as 4 months. All you would need is to wash and treat them as arranged with your stylist.


But there is another option. You can buy the crochet versions which have already been locked, and install it. This does not take up a lot of time and also lasts long.


Box braids

box braids for mums

Instagram @piumary_braids


This is one of the most popular African braid styles for mums. The styling options for box braids are unlimited. You can braid it short, medium or long. In addition, you can make a side or centre parting in front.

There is also an option of tiny cornrows in front and the rest of it as single braids. If you don’t want to pack it up, it also looks beautiful when hanging. You can whip your hair back and forth with this.


Side-swept Cornrows

Side swept braids

Instagram @piumary_braids

This African braid style is elegant.  You can style it in a way that shows the “the good side” of your face.


Brazilian Wool braids

brazilian wool braids

Instagram @brazilianwoolhair

Brazilian wools are unbelievably light. It’s a more affordable option compared to synthetic extensions. But it offers the same quality and looks just as good. Though, it is a better choice for single braids than cornrows.


Bob Braids

bob braids for mums

Instagram @brazilianwoolhairs

Bob styles are really cool and simple. Though you can use this style on long braids, it is a more suitable option for short braids

These styles are easy, convenient and stress-free. Keeping your hair in style gives moms one less thing to worry about. It would also make you happier. These styles can be braided in 4 hours or less. The beauty of the African hair is how much we can do with it. Which one would you be braiding this weekend?

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Lydia Ume