An Interesting list of African Cartoons to entertain your Kids this holiday

An Interesting list of African Cartoons to entertain your Kids this holiday

The influence of media and arts in the lives of children cannot be overemphasized. It is a tool of learning and also an avenue of ensuring that there’s appropriate representation at all levels of society. For kids, cartoons are a great source of entertainment and learning. They can spark creativity in children, provide them with an outlet for laughter, and expose them to places and role models. This is why parents are often on the lookout for African cartoons for kids which they can trust to be appropriate for their age and enlightening.

Are you on the lookout for African Cartoons for kids

A lot of children nowadays spend too much time in front of the TV screen. However, these kids love their cartoons and animations and parents can only try to regulate which of these cartoons their children can watch on television. Though the Parental Guidance Control that comes with most satellite decoders has made this less of a chore, still African parents are not so sure which of these cartoons are good for their children’s intellectual, social and emotional development. There is also the problem of finding cartoons with characters that kids can relate with, characters who share their skin colour and similar realities. But, with this list, we’ve got you covered!

Below are some of the best African cartoons for kids:

Bino and Fino

An Interesting list of African Cartoons to entertain your Kids this holiday


There are many stereotypes in the media about Africa, a one-sided depiction of the continent. Children are bombarded with patronizing images that don’t tell the whole story, that do not even represent their kind in some cases. Bino and Fino is good for African kids because it paints a positive picture of Africa. The show follows the everyday life of a Nigerian brother and sister who live with their grandparents. Themes like gender equality are also addressed on the show.


Ubongo Kids


An Interesting list of African Cartoons to entertain your Kids this holiday

Image Credit: Ubongokids

Ubongo is available in over a million households across East Africa. It is a stimulating edutainment TV series, watched by over 1.4 million viewers. Ubongo promises to sharpen the mathematical edge in your children with its plot and characterization. It features animated characters like Kibena, Kiduchu, Koba and Baraka, who go on an adventure in each episode, employing their mathematical knowledge to solve problems within their community.

With the help of Mama Ndege, a mathematical bird, Junior Jumbo, a frugal elephant, and Uncle T, a rapping giraffe, they find the fun in math!





Anilingo will make parents who are language enthusiasts happy! The cartoon series is designed to help children with the learning and mastering the three major Nigerian languages. Which are Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba.


Jabu’s Jungle

Jabu's jungle


With this cartoon, your kids are sure to pick up a few things about philanthropy. This adventure series follows Jabu, a nine-year-old and his talking drum as they navigate and explore the jungle. During this time, he meets a lot of friends and helps animals in need.


Afro Games


Image Credit: Squidmag

This would be thrilling for kids who like sports. What sets this cartoon series apart is its incorporation of culture. It follows five boys from different backgrounds who use games to solve issues.


Abebe and Abeba

Abebe and Ababa

Image credit: Abeba and Abeba

This African cartoon for kids targets children between the age of 6 and 12. It is also the first-ever animated series to be made in Ethiopia. Most importantly, the theme is guided by the Ethiopian constitution. So, it seeks to teach children their rights in Ethiopia in a way that is not boring.


The Legend of Ngong Hills

The Legend of Ngong Hills

Image Credit: Kenyan Vibes


The Legend of Ngong Hills is a love story and its power of redemption. This is based on a Maasai folktale. The story follows an ogre who has the habit of attacking a Maasai village. However, he stops attacking them when love finds him. There’s a lot of energy in this cartoon, your kids would love it.


Akili and Me

Akili and Me

Akiki and Me is a show for children between the age of 3 and 6. The edutainment series follows the adventures of Akili. Akili is a four-year-old girl who lives with her family at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. She finds out that she has to learn English. Because, when she sleeps enters a land where the animals only speak English.

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