21 Things Yu No Suppose Do Afta C-section

21 Things Yu No Suppose Do Afta C-section

No for one second think sey yu be less of mama just becos na c-section yu take born.

So yu don do c-section. E don happen to pipo wen strong pass yu, e get some kine things wen yu no suppose dey do afta yu do c-section, especialli as things been no go be di way wen yu been plan.

E dey hard for some women, but as we no fit do some things differentli, life must go on.... and we must find humor inside am. Lafta dey help----although e go pain yu like wetin yu no sabi if yu laff too much.

what not to do after c-section

So mamas wen still dey recova from c-section, grab yur pillow make yu hold am close to yur belle becos some things dey dis article wen fit make yu laff. See list of somethings yu no suppose do afta yu do c-section.

Wetin yu no suppose do afta yu do c-section

  • No waste all yur time dey lament sey yu no do vaginal birth.
  • No allow pipo wen no do c-section weigh yu down. Dem no plenti--but dem dey loud.
  • No drive from house go hospital becos yu wan be super woman. Yu go feel pain once yu enta efiri gallop. Tell di person wen dey drive make he drive slow, den use pillow take cushion yur belle.

what not to do after c-section

  • Try make yu no fall sick afta yu do c-section becos ordinari sneeze go make yu feel pain. No forget to put yur pillow nia yu to fit reduce di pain.
  • No try cough as yu go see pepper.
  • No chop wetin go give yu gas.
  • avoid anything wen go cause constipation.
  • No go dey brag sey yur pikin head dey perfect just becos yu no do vaginal birth.
  • No mention "vagina pikin " loud.
  • No lose yur sense of humor. But ...
  • If yu no get pillow nia yu, no just laff. Dem dey handi.
  • No forget to keep pillow nia yu efiri time. Yu need to use dem take protect yur cut wen yu wan cough, laff or sneeze.Yu fit neven use di pillow take prop for correct angle so nothing go pain yu as yu dey heal.
  • Try make yu no cry too hard for shower  wen yu dey wonda wen yu go be yursef back.
  • No follow yur  OB/GYN vex just becos she no perform magic make yur belle flat afta she don bring di pikin commot. Di bump dey ok so yu no dey see wia dem cut yu.
  • No play with di area wen dem tear yu. No even look am. Allow yur husband check am for yu.

what not to do after c-section

  • No think sey di numbness go disappear quick. Some of us still get di numbness afta how many years.
  • Yur doktor no forget to put yur abs back. Dem still dey dia....but e go take time before yu go fit use dem again.
  • No just boda dey do housework. Allow yur friends and famili help yu cook and clean while yu dey recova.
  • No go dey climb stairs.
  • Pain medications na yur friend. No take too much, just take enuf to help yu relieve di pain so yu fit enjoy yur pikin.
  • No think sey yu be less of a woman just becos yu use c-section take born.

Solidariti, my C-section mamas. Make yu quick heal!

This article was first published on CafeMom and republished with permission from theAsianparent

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Translated By Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi