Ankara Dresses For The Fashionable Older Woman

Ankara Dresses For The Fashionable Older Woman

The beauty of ageing is that you are more certain of the things that look good on your figure and the ones that don't. Check out these classic designs for every woman.

Are you looking for chic ankara dresses for old ladies? You are in the right place. When it comes to fashion,  growing older doesn’t mean you can’t be style conscious or intentional about your physical appearance.

With stylish ankara dresses, older women can reinvent their wardrobes without losing that touch of class and style.  The delightful African print offers you a variety of elegant ankara dresses which would make you look and feel good.

In this article, we carefully selected styles that are classic, evergreen and staples in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe.

10 stylish ankara dresses for old ladies

At this age, when you take risks with dresses, it is more thought out. You also have the advantage of having dressed yourself in your younger years. As a result, you are more aware of what looks good on you and what doesn’t flatter your figure.

The beauty of African prints, their versatility, makes them gold in the hands of a good tailor/ designer. Check out these classic designs.

  • Ankara shirt gown


ankara shirt gown for old ladies

Image: Primetweets

With a T-shirt like collar, this style will look classy on a mature woman, while setting you apart from the crowd. It also allows you enough comfort with its spacious sleeves and freedom below the waist region.


  • Ankara Kaftan
ankara kaftan

Image: Koko

Ankara kaftans are generally loose, free-flowing and suitable for any occasion. The reason it is particularly fitting for older women is that while being elegant and classy, it allows your body parts the freedom to move.


  • Skirt and Blouse
ankara skirt and blouse for older ladies

Image: Correct Kid

The skirt and blouse design is a classic. It has also managed to be a go-to style for quite some time, only getting better and better in style. It is quite versatile and can accommodate a variety of designs without losing its elegance. This makes it suitable for all ages including older women.


  • Blouse and Wrapper

On the Nigerian scene, this style is almost perceived as a stamp of maturity because it has come to be associated with older Eastern Nigerian women. This style is usually rocked with a double wrapper for comfort and safety just in case one wrapper gets loose.

  • Boubou

bou bou gown for mature women

This style is pronounced as “Bubu” in Nigeria’s fashion space. Known for its adaptability, this style can be worn without a wrapper and its style can hug the body or be loose-fitting.


  • Short Ankara Gown

short ankara gown for older women

There’s no reason why older ladies shouldn’t show some skin with this short Ankara gown. It is classy, trendy, and more importantly, comfortable and free. Your designer could also add two side or front pockets to give you a casual outlook.


  • Peplum Gown

Mature women love this style for its simplicity and freedom. Your designer can add additional material around the waist area to highlight the style. Either way, this style always looks stunning on older ladies.


  • Long blouse and knee-length trousers

Oversized blouse and knee length trousers

The length of this style allows for a smart and comfortable look for almost any occasion. The beautiful embroidery around the neck calls attention to its elegance anywhere you go.

  • Maxi Dress
maxi ankara gown

Image: Kiks Place

The maxi dress is long, free-flowing and stylish, with an off-shoulder design that brings an elegant touch to your looks. The colour combination of the African print also adds to the beauty of this style.

  • Flared Gown
flare gown

Image: Clever Fashion Trends

The flare gown achieves a different kind of comfort, especially around the lower area. Designs vary in this category, which allows the designer to blend in a bit of your personal taste.

Apart from being trendy and classy, all of the styles above bring a lot of comfort and freedom. That’s why these two qualities are a must when it comes to ankara dresses for old ladies.

Which of these styles are you going to try? Let us know in the comment section. Don’t forget to tag Africaparent in your photos!

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Lydia Ume