How To Rock The Ankara Pants In 7 Stylish Ways

How To Rock The Ankara Pants In 7 Stylish Ways

Ankara pants are another one of those designs that are easy to wear, comfortable and versatile. It is a go-to choice for the stylish mum.

The Ankara print has become more than just something Africans wear to look good. It has become a kind of symbol for Africa and Africans. And the beauty of the print never disappoints. As a joke, it is said in some parts of Africa that the Ankara print can turn even a frog into a king. That is a way of saying how unbelievably attractive the Ankara print can make anyone who wears it. Designers are also always coming up with awesome designs to make regularly. Ankara pants are another one of those designs that will make you turn heads anywhere you go.

Surprisingly, Ankara didn't originate from Africa. There are a few different stories on how the print reached Africa. Some say that it was some Dutch people who dropped some of the prints in Africa on their way to Indonesia. Nevertheless, the prints quickly became popular in Ghana and spread throughout Africa. It didn't take much time for African companies to take over the production of Ankara after independence. And here we bring you ways in which mums and kids can rock Ankara pants.

7 ways mums and kids can rock Ankara pants

  1. These Ankara three-quarter pants give mums a youthful look. The pants are loose around the thigh area, stopping below your ankle.

ankara pants


  1. To perfect your favourite appearance with this Ankara pants depends on the print combination. Get prints that are bold in colour if you want to be loud. Mixed prints are a delight to look at and wear!

ankara pants

  1. This print in pants will make you and your daughter stand out at any occasion. Rock it with a top that has a touch of the same colour as the pants.

ankara pants

  1. You might not know it but you can ask your designer to make palazzo Ankara pants. With a gorgeous Ankara print like this, you are sure to turn heads as a mum.

ankara pants

  1. This skirt-like Ankara pant is sure to get your designer a few shout-outs. It looks like a skirt but it is actually a pant. Plus, it could go with a top of your choice.

ankara pants


  1. Ever want to appear smart in a corporate way? This Ankara is exactly for you! The top is what does the trick for this Ankara pants. This will look absolutely stunning on you.

traditional office workwear


  1. This deconstructed Ankara pants show some skin above the knee. The rectangular opening gives the pants a different look. With the right top, you can perfect an elegant look. The look is edgy and bold.


So if you're looking for inspiration for your next Ankara pants, this selection gives you style choices that are suitable for both you and your child. In addition, you can modify them to suit your baby.

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