See This Catalogue of Beautiful Ankara Pregnancy Dresses

See This Catalogue of Beautiful Ankara Pregnancy Dresses

Whatever your maternity preference, there is something here for you.

For years, you’ve had no problem finding dresses for weddings, dinner outings, and parties. Now that you’re expecting your little one, you’re probably having a hard time finding fashionable and beautiful Ankara pregnancy dresses for pregnant women.

Sometimes it makes you frustrated to learn that you can’t wear certain gorgeous styles because they are simply uncomfortable and unhealthy for you and your baby.

You are not alone. Pregnant women often complain that they can’t find clothes to wear.

“Even as a fashion designer, I had a hard time buying Nigerian maternity dresses. Dressing to events took days of planning, designing and modification,” says Shuga, a fashion designer in Uyo, Nigeria. “When you’re pregnant, it helps to have a catalogue of styles.”

Anyone can dress elegantly during pregnancy. To save you the trouble of sorting through Google search engine results, we have compiled a list of five gorgeous Nigerian maternity dresses.

Before we continue, here are important facts to note about clothes and accessories during pregnancy:

• Gynaecologists do not recommend high heels

• You don’t have to put your baby at risk; you can look good in flat, quality-soled shoes

• Beyond shoes, you can jazz up your outfit with belts, necklaces, bags, earrings and stylish hairdos

Here’s our catalogue of beautiful Ankara pregnancy dresses

1. Off-shoulder Ankara Maternity Dresses
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This timeless design is not just classy; it’s elegant, especially on pregnant women. Whether it’s a knee-length dress or a blouse, off-shoulder maternity dresses never disappoint.

“Off shoulder, maternity dresses are more gorgeous when they are paired with beautiful sleeves and impeccable finishing,” says Shuga.

You can wear them with comfortable high-quality shoes or sandals.

2. Ankara or Vlisco empire waist dress
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“I love dresses with empire waists because they are trendy and gorgeous. So I often recommend them whenever I meet a pregnant woman who is tired of Google-searching for ‘beautiful dresses for pregnant women’. I tell them to simply try an Ankara or Vlisco gown with an overstated waist,” says Shuga.

These dresses are even more beautiful when they are paired with slim belts made from textile, faux fur or leather. Choose a color that matches the patterns on the material and you’re good to go.

3. Trapezium beautiful dresses for pregnant women
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If you’re looking for a classy style you can wear during the third trimester, look no farther. Trapezium dresses are one of the trendiest Ankara maternity styles of the year.

“With trapezium dresses, you can have an off-shoulder, a halter neck or whatever style suits your physique. I love it for its versatility and elegance.”
If comfort is top on your list of factors to consider when buying Nigerian maternity dresses, then you should consider a trapezium dress.

4. Layered dresses
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A dress with drapery is best suited for women who prefer to conceal their baby bumps.

“Ankara or Vlisco layered dresses are arguably the most common of all Nigerian maternity dresses, says Shuga. “You can flaunt the silhouette of your body while concealing your bulging tummy.”

These dresses make pregnant women look graceful. But most of all, they allow your body to breath while you move around more freely.

5. Elegant maxi ankara pregnancy dresses

See This Catalogue of Beautiful Ankara Pregnancy Dresses

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Enjoy your pregnancy by slaying with your elegant maxi . Just like the layered dresses, maxi sundresses are loose and free.

“The elegant maxi dress is one of my personal favorites. I love it because it’s one of those styles you can wear after pregnancy. Of course, you can reduce its length and size when you lose weight,” says Shuga.

If you want trendy Nigerian maternity dresses that can be easily transformed into a light cocktail number, then you should consider making an elegant maxi sundress.

There is a wide range of Ankara pregnancy dresses, styles, trends and comfort accessories you can look good in. You shouldn’t look dull and drab just because you’re expecting a baby.

If you like bright hues, then you should go for vibrant Ankara, Vlisco or Kente materials. Most fashion experts recommend materials that have pastel backgrounds and splotches of bright colours.

You don’t put-off looking good until you’ve had your baby. Feel free to make a closet full of gorgeous maternity dresses.

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