Cost of Antenatal Care for Naija

Cost of Antenatal Care for Naija

The price for antenatal care depend on de hospital wey you go. The cost fit start from N20,000. E good make you begin prepare so e no go hard you pay.

You don do de test and de result don come out sey you don get belle (but sha, shakara never end). You dey happy because you dey expect your beautiful baby wey go soon land. As you dey expect de baby you need to know sey you suppose dey care for de baby even as e still dey inside your belle. Na dis care we dey call antenatal care. Antenatal care wetin e be and wetin be de cost of antenatal care for Naija?

Antenatal care na de care wey dem midwives or doctors go dey give you from de time wey you don confirm sey belle dey inside you. Dis care dey for de mama wey get belle and for de pikin wey dey inside de belle. 

Antenatal Classes

Cost of Antenatal Care for Naija

Antenatal class na where dem mama wey get belle dey go to take learn how dem go fit adjust to de change wey dey go on for dem body and how dem go fit live healthy for dem sake and de sake of dem pikin. For de class, dem go fit clear all de doubts wey dem get about how dem fit born safely. Dis class dey important for every woman wey get belle, whether na office woman or market woman you be, you suppose find time to attend. De right time to take start de antenatal class na immediately you don confirm sey pikin don dey for your belle. 

According to Maira Mona for Nursing Exercise, antenatal care class dey involve make de woman wey get belle dey visit de clinic or hospital for check up for like 12-16 times for de period wey she dey carry de belle. Dis dey helep de mama and pikin dey safe and healthy and e go helep avoid any katakata wey wan show up for dem mama or pikin. Maria further analyse dem reasons why we suppose dey attend dem antenatal care class.

Wetin Be Your Gain For Antenatal Care

Cost of Antenatal Care for Naija

  1. E go help maintain good health for mama and de pikin.
  2. D thing dey help promote de as de mama and pikin go dey well physically and mentally.
  3. E dey help make mama deliver her pikin when de time don ripe
  4. Antenatal dey help to take discover quick quick any risk for mama or pikin and how to take manage de kain risk wey fit come.
  5. E dey help avoid complication through de health education, good nutrition and exercise wey dem dey receive from de antenatal care centre.
  6. Dem people for de antenatal care centre dey screen mama for any kain disease or condition wey fit affect mama and pikin.
  7. E dey help mama get education on how to take care of pikin and how to maintain good hygiene. 
  8. De thing dey help comot stress or worry worry for mama mind as she wan take deliver de baby.
  9. E dey help mama and papa know when to dey expect dem pikin and de possible way wey de mama fit born. 
  10.  Antenatal dey help provide information for mama as she fit take born her pikin safe without complication.
  11. E also dey helep de mama know as she go fit take care of de child after she don born. How long to breastfeed, postnatal care and immunization.

Cost of antenatal care for Naija

Cost of Antenatal Care for Naija

The cost for antenatal care nor be de same. E dey depend on de kain place where you dey and de kain hospital wey you go. Base on sey gofament don try reduce price to make am affordable for everybody, de cost of antenatal care for Naija for dem general hospitals na between N20,000 and N50,000. De cost fit increase if de mama need to treat some diseases or infection during de antenatal period. 

For dem private hospitals, de cost depend on de kain facilities wey dem get to take dey do check up for you and your pikin, de environment where de hospital dey and de kain treatment wey dem go dey give you. De cost of antenatal care for Naija for dem private hospitals na between N50,000  and N1,500,000. De cost fit high pass dis if any complication show face during de period.

Focused Antenatal Care

World Health Organisation recommend say nor do nor do, mama suppose go for antenatal care like 4 times before she born her pikin. Dis kain visit focus on top de kain care wey dem dey give mama and pikin during dem visit

In short:

  1. First Visit (between 14-16 weeks)

Screen and treat anemia

Screen for risk factors and medical conditions wey dem fit address early wen belle dey

Help prevent malaria and place on blood boosters

Plan individualized antenatal care and delivery.

  1. Second visit (between 24-28 weeks)

Screen for anemia

Listen to de complain of mama wey get belle

De woman go do ultrasound scan to check de pikin wey dey inside if e dey okay.

     3. Third visit (around 32 weeks)

Screen for pre-eclampsia, multiple belle, and anemia

Review birth plans

  1. Fourth visit (at 36 weeks)

Screen for anemia

Check as pikin take lie for belle

Assess if de pelvis dey adequate

Update the individualized birth plans.

Antenatal care dey important for de mama and de pikin. Every woman wey get belle nor suppose miss am for anything. As we don review de cost of antenatal care for Naija hospital, na your turn to choose whether you wan go for the one wey gofament don reduce de cost for dem general hospitals or you wan go for private hospitals. Any which way, na to take care of yourself and your pikin dey important.

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun