Here Are Some Beautiful Nigerian Baby Names For Girls

Here Are Some Beautiful Nigerian Baby Names For Girls

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you'll be making. Here's some help to make it easier.

If you’re looking for Nigerian baby names for girls, you’ve come to the right place. You can choose from our list of beautiful names from different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Baby Names For Girls: What’s In A Name?

baby names for girls

Naming a child in Nigeria is as important as the birth of the child. A child’s name is supposed to reveal the following:

1. The child’s destiny

Ethnic groups in Nigeria usually give names that foretell the child’s future. In Igboland, the name Erinma means a child of beauty/ and one who has great prospects.

2. Names describe the family’s situation when the child was born

Sometimes parents give names to children so they’ll never forget how things were when they gave birth to that child. The Yoruba name Ebudola means insults have become wealth. This is a fitting name for families who have been mocked for being childless or poor.

3. Names honour God

Religion is an important factor when it comes to child-naming conventions in Nigeria. For the Igbos, names with the prefix ‘Chi’ show reverence to God. Chiamaka means God is beautiful. Chinwendu means life belongs to God. Chioma means good God. In Yorubaland, names with the prefix Oluwa also show respect for God. Oluwatobi means God is mighty. Oluwatofunmi means God is enough for me.

4. Names reflect the deepest desires of the parents

It is normal for a child’s name to reflect the hopes and dreams of the parents. Kasimawo is Yoruba name which means let’s wait and see if this child will live long. Parents who have lost many children usually give this name to their newborns.

5. Names reveal the child’s socioeconomic status in the community

Royal families have special names for children. Amir is a Hausa name which means a ruler. Eze (Igbo) means king. In Yoruba, Oba means king, and any names carrying the Oba prefix is meant to show that the bearer is from royalty. Knowing the various royal prefixes will help you choose suitable baby names for girls.

Baby names for girls according to ethnic groups

baby names for girls

Igbo princess names

Adaeze – Princess/ A king’s daughter
Adaego – daughter of wealth
Adaobi – first daughter in the family
Akwaugo – a precious daughter
Nwabuona – a child is gold

Obiageli – born into riches
Olaedo – gold
Olanma – pearl
Ugonma – a beautiful eagle
Uloaku – born into the house of wealth
Nwabuona – this child is gold

Yoruba royal baby names for girls

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Adebisi – she has been added to the crown
Adedamola – the crown comes with riches
Adelola – the crown brings honour
Adepeju – the crown is filled with honour
Abioye – born into a royal home

Adenike – take care of the crown
Aderiyike – a pampered crown
Bisi – first daughter
Folashade – honour gives the crown
Tiwa – the one who owns the crown

Hausa Nigerian princess names

Aisha – prosperous
Aminah – protected and secure
Amilah – graceful
Nabilah – Magnanimous, noble
Kubra – senior, greatness
Mansurah – victorious

Asmau – eminent
Halimah – gentle

Ibibio Nigerian princess names

Obonganwan – Queen
Ukara – leadership
Ukoanwan – brave woman

Odudu – power
Inyene – wealth
Uforo – wealth

These beautiful royal baby names for girls are a great fit for your princess. Have fun choosing the best name for yourself.


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