Why do most babies prefer their moms over their dads?

Why do most babies prefer their moms over their dads?

A lot of younger kids tend to be closer with their moms compared to their dads. Why does this happen, and what can dads do to bond with their kid?

A lot of fathers sometimes feel jealous of their wives when it comes to their newborn's attention. And sometimes dads feel left out or frustrated that baby only wants mom not dad. What's a dad to do?

It's totally normal that baby only wants mom not dad

baby only wants mom not dad

First off, it's important to know that for newborns, it's normal for them to prefer their mom over their dad, this is because aside from spending 9 months inside their mother's tummy, newborns look to their mothers for their care and nutrition.

Babies also tend to switch from one parent to another, since they're at the age where their brains are still developing, and they are still getting to know the world as well as the people around them.

That's why dads also need to spend time with their kids, so that their babies will become familiar with how they look, how they smell, and they'll slowly become more comfortable in their father's presence.

What can dad do to be closer to their newborn?

a dad can bond with their newborn

Some dads might feel bad or jealous that their child prefers to be with their mom rather than their dad. But it's important to know that it's not a competition between the parents. Both of you are equally loved by your child, it's just that dads need to make an extra effort to let their child be more comfortable around them.

For dads who want to get closer to their child, they should try to spend more quality time with your child, and make it a point to bond with them everyday. It also helps if they can handle the responsibility of putting their child to sleep, so that not only will their child be comfortable around them, their wife will also have time to rest after a long day of taking care of their newborn.

spend time with your kids

Letting the child get used to their father taking care of them will help build an emotional connection, and will enable the child to understand that their dad is also someone who they can depend on, and someone who will keep them safe.

Familiarity is important for kids, especially at such a young age, since the bonds that they build while they're young will last until the rest of their lives. So in order to build a loving relationship with their child, it's always best to start early.

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