How to prepare for school after the holidays

How to prepare for school after the holidays

The holidays will end in a few weeks time. Here is how you can easily prepare yourself and your child to go back to school after the holidays.

As much as we all love the Christmas holiday, most people usually have one eye beyond the break. Kids think about going back to school after the holidays, while parents worry about getting them back there as smoothly as possible.

Back to school after holidays: how to make the transition easy

We've divided the preparation for school into different groups to make it easier.

  • School supplies

shopping for school supplies

It is important to make a list of these things even before you enter the Christmas holiday. You want to immerse yourself in the joy of Christmas season, but starting early would go a long way in helping. First, check supplies like clothes, socks, shoes, school bag, belt, and zippers to see what's good and what needs to be replaced. Then check the lunch box and water bottle to see if they're in good shape or need to be replaced.

  • Health

vaccinations and immunization

This is the most important aspect because your child needs to be healthy in order to be able to go to school and learn. Check that your child's immunisation is up to date before you send them back to school. Go to your doctor for an overall medical check-up to make sure that the child is healthy. Also, if your child has any medical problems that require him or her to be on medication, you may need to talk to the teacher. This will alert the teacher to keep an eye out and also help with medication when the time comes.

  • Food

feeding them healthily

Children need a lot of vitamins in order to grow. At this point, it is safe to say that you already have a healthy menu for your child. But the holidays have a way of making you put things off for later. So, even before you let yourself get in the grove of the Christmas holiday, you may want to restock food and grocery supplies that have finished. This move makes it easier to manage the pace of getting your child ready to get back to school after the holiday.

  • Safety

One can't even begin to stress how important the safety of your child is. Every member of your staff in whose care your child is entrusted should be gently reminded of their part. Don't assume that they remember everything before the Christmas break. Also, remind your child to continue to observe the safety rules you've laid down. Seatbelts on, no crossing in front of a car, and no hands out of the window. In addition, if you're changing the person responsible for picking your child up from school, you should inform the school authorities.

Essentially, adjust your child's sleeping time when resumption draws near. Children need a lot of sleep, especially in the early days of resumption. It will be a bit difficult to come out of the spirit of Christmas, but you have to strive to make your child go to bed a little earlier than has been usual during the holiday.

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Lydia Ume