10 Gorgeous Back To School Hairstyles For African Girls

10 Gorgeous Back To School Hairstyles For African Girls

Shuku, All back, Side clap are just some of the popular back to school hairstyles for African girls. Looking to try something new?

After all the dust this coronavirus pandemic may have raised, things will hopefully return to some semblance of normal and children will get to go to school again. It will probably be overwhelming trying to find your rhythm as a parent after all because there will suddenly be a lot to worry about as you try to send your kid back to school. So let's help you out with some back to school hairstyles for African girls.

Back to school hairstyles for African girls

Below are great hairstyles your child could return to school with after this coronavirus pandemic:

  • The Braided Up-Pony

braided up pony

The all-back cornrows and the curls at the end of the cornrows are simple and stylish for your child's return to school without much fuss.

  • Bantu knots

bantu knots

Bantu knots are also known as the Zulu knots because they have their origin in South Africa. They are not really knots but cool buns that can be uncoiled to create a curly hairstyle.

  • Easy wash and go

easy wash and go

Your child would look stunning in this simple and easy hairstyle. It produces healthy coils after moisturizing with a leave-in conditioner and then blow-drying and separating strands.

  • Pompadour fun

pompadour fun

With pompadour fun, you can set your child apart without doing so much work. To give your child the pompadour fun look, loosely bobby pin her bangs back while smoothing down any stray baby hairs.

  • Slick Flat Twist

flat twists

Your child's hair is still new and you can help her come to adore her hair by creating new elegant shapes and structures to rock her time at school.

  • Bubble twists

bubble twists

The beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it helps keep your daughter's hair stretched for the duration she carries it.

  • Side swoop cornrows

side swoop cornrows

These beautiful cornrows fall to the side in a neat swoop. It gives your daughter's face a smart and tidy look.

  • Double patewo

back to school hairstyles for African girls

Your daughter will look regal with such a delightful hairstyle on her return to school. The huge cornrow that runs through the middle and the tiny one that runs across her forehead will do wonders to her face no matter the shape.

  • Pony twist

pony twist Back to school hairstyles for African girls

Pony twist will look playful and brilliant with that embellished side twist. The updo pony twist will have to be secured if it is to last for days.

  • Shuku with twists

shuku twist Back to school hairstyles for African girls

The twist flowing to the side brings style to this shuku hairstyle. It also has just enough length that it doesn't fall needlessly across the face.

Regardless of the hairstyle your daughter ends up with, try and make sure you secure her hair in a satin bonnet for maintenance while she sleeps at night. Also, ensure she wears a shower cap before taking her bath.

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