The Perfect Back To School Preparation Checklist For Mums.

The Perfect Back To School Preparation Checklist For Mums.

The kids are getting ready to go back to school? This is a handy checklist to get them prepared.

Most Nigerian secondary schools are on vacation at the moment. Soon it will be that season when mums swing between two feelings. The happiness that their children will soon be leaving for school so they can have some peace and quiet. And then dread that they'll miss them in no time. In any event, to weather this period you will need a back to school prep list for mums.

This period is tasking because of its transitional nature. None of these times are the same, because there's always something new to have done. So forgetting anything and sending your children back to school can be very tough on them.

Back to school prep list for mums

School fees

Obviously, this is very important. But as important as it is you can get caught in the frenzy of the moment trying to organize things for your kid to go back to school. What's worse is if you're a mum who needs time to raise the money. So once your kids return for third term vacation, check the school bulletin given to them for any information that might be new and needs adjusting to for the new school year. This affords you enough time so you don't get caught off guard.


Check for undies and boxer shorts

The Perfect Back To School Preparation Checklist For Mums.

Your kids might choose to be silent about things like this, especially when they think you already have a lot on your plate. They think they could head to school and manage what they have. And they might end up suffering for this insufficiency. So to leave no stone unturned, you might need to be hands-on. Go through their stuff and check things for yourself.

Other item's you might want to inspect in case they need replacing are:

  • School uniforms: School uniforms easily wear out or are stolen. You don't want your kid to be the student with the torn uniform on the playground.
  • Socks: The chances of misplacing a sock are higher because they're small. And the socks become entirely useless if one of them is missing.
  • Sandals and shoes: Check to be sure they have at least two pairs each to enable rotation comfortably.



The Perfect Back To School Preparation Checklist For Mums.

Although most schools provide meals, your kids still need their provisions. Provisions include milk, Milo or Bournvita, cornflakes, cabin biscuits and other snacks. This allows your kids to not completely rely on school meals. They can snack in between those meals for a more balanced diet. Also, ask if they have any favourite snacks or anything they want you to add.

See the doctor

Before your kids return to school, try to take them to see the doctor for routine check-ups. Plus the doctor can administer necessary vaccinations to keep your child from certain diseases. This is also an avenue for them to learn tips to keep themselves safe through the school term.


Haircuts and weaves

The Perfect Back To School Preparation Checklist For Mums.

This usually comes last, especially for the boys. Take them to your favourite barbershop and stylist for comfortable hairdos that improve their outlooks. Also, buy ready-made wigs for the girls to rotate.

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Lydia Ume