We Don Help You Prepare Your Back To School Shopping List

We Don Help You Prepare Your Back To School Shopping List

School go soon resume. You don think wetin you go buy for your pikin wey go soon resume? See our own back to school shopping list. You fit use am.

Time fit don reach or e fit dey near for your pikin dem to resume for school. Dem go need some things wey dem dey use for school. Some school fit give de pikin list of wetin dem suppose bring come if dem dey resume for new session or term. Some kain time, dem fit no give any list. In any case, e get some basic back to school shopping supplies wey you suppose arrange for your pikin as dem wan resume school.

E nor go make sense make your pikin comot for house come reach dey lack basic tins wey im go need to take help im learning. You fit arrange am later if de pikin dey dey attend day school, but e go dey difficult to later arrange tins wey your pikin need come send am if e dey boarding school, except for some special cases. To avoid de rush to dey find wetin your pikin need for school during session, we don compile soe back to school shopping list for you.

Na our Back to School Shopping List for your Pikin be dis

School bag

We Don Help You Prepare Your Back To School Shopping List

Your pikin need good bag wey go fit carry im school books and oda stuff. Wen you dey select backpack for your pikin, remember to choose de bag according to de pikin age. De pikin suppose fit carry de bag comfortably, no go arrange oversize bag wey go be like burden wen you pikin carry am. Choose smart size wey de pikin go fit carry with ease to reduce back pain. Also, you fit select bag wey get picture of de favourite cartoon character wey your pikin like, like Ben10, Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson etc. 


We Don Help You Prepare Your Back To School Shopping List

After you don arrange de bag wey your pikin go carry go school, de next thing na im textbooks. Your pikin need dem textbooks to help am learn better for school. De school sometimes go give dem pikin list of textbooks wey dem suppose bring along wen dem dey resume de new term or session. Make sure say you get all dem important textbooks wey your pikin go need. You fit get dem for bookshops nearby or online.


Apart from textbook for reading, your piking need notebooks wey im go write put. De class and de subject go determine de type and size of notebooks wey your pikin need. E dey always dey back to school list wey school management dey send give you for end of term or session. Types of notebooks for pikin na 2A, 2B and 2D and de volume fit range from 20 leaves to 80 leaves. 

Lunch box

We Don Help You Prepare Your Back To School Shopping List

Your pikin need to chop for school, and e need somewhere wey im go put dose food. Some parent dey arrange food for pikin make im carry am go school. Others dey give de pikin money make im buy food for school. Any which way, your pikin need lunch box. Inside de lunch box, put plate wey get cover, spoon, water bottle and maybe juice go dey. Check if de present lunch box for your pikin still dey okay or you suppose replace am.

Other back to school items wey you suppose get for your pikin:

  • Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Ruler
  • And provisions (if de pikin dey boarding school)

Parenting na real work; we need to care for our pikin. And part of de care wey we go give dem na to make provision for wetin dem need. Because this na things wey go help dem do well for school. If you never get any of dem required back to school supplies for your pikin. Abeg go arrange dem before de school resume. 

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun