Why Am I Having Bad Dreams While Pregnant?

Why Am I Having Bad Dreams While Pregnant?

Bad dreams during pregnancy can be very vivid, scary and plain uncomfortable. One cause is due to an increase in hormone production.

Having a baby will seriously interfere with your sleep patterns. You’ll be up at random times feeling sick, feeling uncomfortable or even just randomly hungry. When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes serious changes and you find that sleep is a hit and miss sort of thing. This is not just while you’re pregnant either, as even after the baby is born, sleeping is a thing of the past. This messes up your sleep pattern! It’s important to realize that it’s normal to have bad dreams during pregnancy. This is because your sleep pattern is so out of sync with the world. You’ll be confused, depressed, angry and a whole other spectrum of emotions and feelings. We’ll explain what you can do to make it easier to cope with. For now, just understand that your sleep pattern is NOT healthy whilst you’re pregnant and for a short time after.

bad dreams during pregnancy

Some Common Bad Dreams During Pregnancy And Their Meanings

Dreams About Water

bad dreams during pregnancy

Dreaming about water is common whether you’re pregnant or not. But when you are carrying a baby, these dreams can be a lot more vivid. They also can connotate different meanings depending on how far along you are.

The idea of rain, rivers, and seas are frequent at the beginning of pregnancy, while floods and large waves tend to be a theme in the last trimester. Rain is a sign of cleansing, and connotates new beginnings and a new life, while flooding tends to represent your water breaking and the beginning of birthing.

Dreams About The Gender of Your Baby

bad dreams during pregnancy

Let’s just get this out of the way: Dreams are not crystal balls that will tell a woman the sex of her baby. Dreaming about sex shows that you’re thinking about gender issues. People want a certain gender, so it indicates preference even though they may not realize it.

Dreams About Conception

At the beginning of a pregnancy, dreams may deal with conception. They often turn up in the form of metaphors, like a fish planting itself into a bed of a stream. In the first trimester, metaphorical babies may be represented by small animals that grow during the pregnancy into bigger animals.

In a way, you can look at it almost as having an evolutionary value. Because the nine-month pregnancy is when the member of the species prepares to protect and take care of their offspring that’s coming. Part of this growing prenatal psychological attachment that begins in dreams continues when your child is born.

Dreams About Forgetting Your Baby

bad dreams during pregnancy

If you’re dreaming about leaving a baby somewhere, then do not be alarmed. This is extremely common in every trimester. Forgetting about the baby shows that while you are excited, you don’t yet feel that you are quite responsible enough to bring a child into the world. Don’t worry though – every new mum will feel the same. And it will fall into place naturally when the baby arrives!

 Nightmares About Physical Harm To You Or Your Baby

Anyone going through a period of uncertainty, fear, or change can have nightmares. But unpleasant or scary dreams take a unique form during pregnancy. Women often dream about having their lives or the lives of their baby endangered in extreme circumstances.

Causes Of Bad Dreams During Pregnancy

Why Am I Having Bad Dreams While Pregnant?

As noted above, your body is going through many changes during pregnancy. And your emotional, physical, and mental states are all connected. While pregnancy dreams remain a source of mystery in many scientific fields, there are many possible reasons why this change in dream patterns occurs.

One cause is due to an increase in hormone production. You’ll find during pregnancy that your hormones may impact your emotions and your anxiety. They will also impact the way your brain processes information and emotions, possibly resulting in more vivid and frequent dreams while you are pregnant.

Another cause is the disruption in your normal sleep pattern. When you are unable to keep a regular sleep schedule, or when you wake up more in the night either from discomfort or the urge to urinate more frequently, this will impact your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. It is during REM sleep that dreams occur, and when the frequency or length of REM sleep is inconsistent or disrupted frequently throughout the night, it can impact how much you dream while you are pregnant. It can also impact your ability to remember your dream, which could give the allusion of dreaming more vivid dreams.

Pregnancy dreams have been hypothesized to be one of the ways your unconscious mind processes information and attempt to solve problems. With pregnancy, you may find yourself under more stress or anxiety than you are accustomed to. This could easily lead to more intense dreams or even nightmares.

How To Improve Your Sleep Instantly

If you’re suffering from bad dreams during pregnancy and just want some quick fixes for improving your sleep, you have several options. First, make sure you try and get to bed and wake up at roughly the same time. Or, you could try these:

  • Acoustic soundwaves: Listen to these just before going to bed and you’ll find that you drift into a deep sleep, and you’re much less likely to have any nightmares whatsoever. They’re mainly used for things like lucid dreaming and astral projection, but they work wonders for sleep quality
  • Mooncandles: Try just putting these soft glowing digital candles around your room. You’ll feel more relaxed and ready for bed, meaning you’ll be less likely to have nightmares when you fall asleep
  • Natural insomnia cure: If you just want a quick fix for sleeping and want to just get to sleep INSTANTLY every night, this is all you need.

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