No Eggs, Milk, Or Butter? Here Are Things You Can Still Bake

No Eggs, Milk, Or Butter? Here Are Things You Can Still Bake

Have you ever tried to bake without eggs, milk, or butter? With the lockdown gradually taking effect around Nigeria, we will soon be confined to our homes. The current state of the world is causing anxiety and panic, but some routine activities like cooking and baking can make time move faster. With supplies harder to come by due to the restriction of movement, you can bake without essential ingredients and still end up with something super delicious.

5 Things you can bake without eggs, milk or butter

Not only can baking help keep you occupied, but it can also keep you grounded in this trying time. There’s so much you can bake, and this article brings you baking ideas, even if you don’t have some essentials. However, whether you’re baking for the family or for yourself, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching anything.

  • Chocolate chip cookies

With these chocolate chip cookies you have no need for eggs, plus it’s good to make in small batches in case you’re looking to bake only for yourself. The regular cream cheese can be used in place of eggs, and your chocolate chip cookies still come out delicious but a bit more chewy than the other versions. While the brown edges are crispy, the centre will be soft and chewy.

  • Water cake

Water cake is perfect for tea at breakfast, and you need no milk, no butter and no eggs to bake this amazing cake. This moment in time requires creativity with baking recipes since most people are not earning now. Requiring only six ingredients, water cake is soft and crumbly, with a touch of chocolate and vanilla. These ingredients include flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, oil, water, sugar and optional cocoa powder.

  • Snickerdoodle cookies
betty crocker snickerdoodle cookies

Image: Betty Crocker

Snickerdoodle cookies without butter are probably even more delicious than those made with butter. The only challenge you might experience when making these cookies is that they might flatten out due to switching butter with vegetable oil. But worry not, for as long as you use a cool pan then this problem goes away. This recipe is versatile, as you can use almond flour in place of all-purpose flour, cocoa mix in place of sugar, and olive oil in place of vegetable oil.

  • Vanilla crazy cake

vanilla crazy cake

Vanilla crazy cake, also known as Depression cake, needs no eggs or dairy products to make them. The reason for that name is the fact that this cake became popular during the great depression when supplies were hard to come by. The recipe is so versatile that you can switch ingredients to your taste. You can add sprinkles or some food dye to make it colourful and fun.

  • Nutella brownies in a mug

It may come as a surprise to you that these delicious Nutella brownies require only three ingredients to prepare. All you require are Nutella, whisked eggs and all-purpose flour and then cook in a microwave. These brownies don’t look pretty because they are not smooth, but don’t let the looks put you off. What they don’t have in looks they make up for in taste.

nutella brownies

Image: Kirbie’s Cravings

With these recipes, the temptation to go outside the house is less, so you don’t put yourself at risk. During this lockdown, we recommend that you stay at home and only come out when it’s absolutely necessary.

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