Bella Ebinum: sex is not a man’s greatest need

Bella Ebinum: sex is not a man’s greatest need

According to Bella Ebinum, a man needs more than sex.

Bella Ebinum: sex is not a man’s greatest need

Rising Nollywood star Bella Ebinum ‘shook some tables’ with her bold declaration on Instagram. She was writing about what she thinks men really want in relationships. Her fans were surprised to learn that the actress didn’t believe that sex ranked very high on the list of what men required in relationships.

Bella Ebinum went even further to talk about what men really desired. According to her:

“The greatest need of a man is not sex; he can get that from a prostitute if he’s not born again. It isn’t food either, because he can get that from a good restaurant. A man’s greatest need is peace and respect.”

Bella Ebinum: sex is not a man’s greatest need

Does Bella Ebinum think peace and respect are all that’s required?

People went to her comment section to ask questions, since relationship posts by celebrities are bound to get lots of attention. The most notable reaction was from a fellow Nollywood rising star, Angel Ufuoma. Ufuoma wanted to know if this much-needed respect should be given automatically.

To which Ebinum replied: "it is not automatic o even though I’m still wondering which of the automatic you mean."

Really, what do men want?

When it comes to romantic relationships, it is safe to say that no two relationships are the same. What works for one couple might not work for another. This does not mean that Ebinum was wrong in her assertion that sex isn’t the greatest thing ever in a relationship. It might be true for some couples, anyway.

However, relationships take work, and an open communication line will allow the couple to discuss their core values and the things that they both want. Ultimately, the greatest need of both men and women is a partner who speaks their love language.

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