See Why To Get Belle Now Na Bad Idea

See Why To Get Belle Now Na Bad Idea

About dat urge yu dey get to get belle... yu fit wan hold on small for dis pandemic.

As di world dey find how dem wan take stop di way wen covid-19 take dey spread, schools don close, business don close, pipo dey work from dia house or dem get unpaid leave, plenti states don ban wia pipo gada plenti. Na im be sey couples go get enuf time to snuggle and e fit lead to belle. Infact, efiri wia for internet na how many pikin dem go born by di time dis year go end. But wait first o, shey yu suppose get belle for quarantine?

coronavirus and pregnancy

Dis na betta question wen we need to ask becos even though experts sabi small about COVID-19, dem no get all di ansa. Again, di world dey adjust to di situation wen we dey so, economi dey change, business dey change and for now, nothing go dey certain. So yu need to think weda e dey safe if yu get belle for quarantine.

Di truth be sey, na onli you fit ansa dat question about belle for quarantine. Na personal decision between yu and yur partna. But di decision wen una go take, go depend on di kine information wen una get. So while we dey wait make experts undastand di virus, yu fit wan look wetin we sabi. See some facts wen dey available.

Belle For Quarantine: See Wetin Experts Don Tell Us

conception in quarantine

Like we been don talk, experts no sabi plenti about di virus; and with di few numba of test wen dey available, we no fit sabi how many pipo get di virus; how many pipo go get di virus; or how our hospital go be becos of am. But see some fact hia.

  • Yu no fit transfa COVID-19 through foetus

Recent study outside China don talk sey yu no fit transfa COVID-19 to foetus wen yu get belle. Di virus no dey inside di amniotic fluid, cord blood or breast milk of women wen get post partum sef. So dis one na betta news

  •  CDC say coronavirus no dey increase risk of miscarriage and stillbirth

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, risk of miscarriage or still birth neva increase if woman wen get COVID-19 carri belle. Dis one na betta news still.

Now make we see di ones wen no dey certain.

  • Health experts no sure weda belle fit increase risk of infection

According to  CDC, nobody sabi weda woman wen get belle fit catch di virus.  UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson don announce sey pipo dem don add pipo wen get belle to dia list of pipo wen dey at risk for COVID-19. He say make dem stay house reach 12 weeks. Wen e reach oda virus like dis and respiratory disease, women wen get belle dey more at risk, so if yu carri belle, make yu sef wash hand. No touch yur face, avoid person wen get cough or dey show sign of COVID-19 and make yu practice social distance.

Some Oda Factor Wen Yu Fit Consida Na

conception in quarantine

Yu fit get betta healthcare, but e no dey sure

We nearli no get healthcare system before di quarantine, and now e don bad pass as before. We no fit sabi how many pipo get di virus becos no be efiri body dem dey test. Expert talk sey if yu dey feel sick, make yu quarantine yursef. Dem dey encourage pipo to stay house, so nobody sabi wetin yur prenatal and post natal care go be like.

And if yu sey yu wan born for house, dat one sef get e own risk. Experts don talk sey make efiri body stay house, but once yu don enta labour, dat one no be choice. Becos of small information wen dey, health workers no believe sey pikin wen dem just born dey at risk di virus pass as dem fit get any oda sickness. And if woman wen get COVID-19 born pikin, e no go wise to separate mama and pikin.

  • Consida how belle go feel for dis time.

If na now yu dey try to get belle, chance dey sey na wen di virus don pass na im yu go take born. But nobody sabi wen dat one go happen. Government don talk sey for now, make grandparents no visit grandshidren; dem don postpone baby shower, and reduce how yu fit visit pikin wen dem just born and oda famili memba generalli. So to build support system for dis time go dey hard.

Las las, na yur health history go determine di decision. To try get belle dey taxing by himsef, meanwhile yu neva add d current stress of our environment join.

Na true sey, e no get wetin be right time wen yu wan get pikin, but sometime betta pass oda times. By di end, na yu and yur partna wen be di right time to get belle.


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Written By Ayeesha

Translated By Anino Aganbi

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