Belle Week 10: Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 10: Week By Week Guide

Your baby may be a size of a prune but he is starting to toughen up thanks to his now hardening bones. As for you, find out what type of food and activities you should avoid to reduce pregnancy risks.

Once yu don reach  Belle week 10, yu go don dey notice some betta changes for yur foetus wen dey develop so. E bodi go don start to change and grow very fast.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach?

By belle week 10, yur pikin na d size of prune. E go dey  around 3.1 cm and weigh around 3.9 g.

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week belle guide, yu go sabi sey:

  • Yur pikin  brain dey develop fast pass as yu even think am: nearly 250,000 neurons dey form everi minute!
  • All yur pikin  vital organs, including kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver, don dey in place and dey start to function.
  • E hands and feet don dey separate to fingers and toes, and fingernails don dey grow.
  • D bones don start to hard make e take shape.
  • By belle week 10, he go start to develop buds for teeth.
  • Yur male pikin don start to dey produce testosterone.

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Symptoms Sey Yu Get Belle For Week 10

  • Dat annoying feeling of nausea no go just shift for belle week 10.
  • E feel like sey yu get plenti wind for yur belle, and all d gas go just dey come out loud(E go dey embarrassing) as belch and mess.
Belle Care
  • For yu to fit beat  nausea, make yu try different food to see which one fit give yu relief.  Some mums dey try salted crackers or even ginger tea to help dem through d day and night.  Odawise, ask yur gynaecologist about Vitamin B6 and/or B12,as many mamas claim sey e help dem reduce nausea.
  • No eat any food wen dey raw- sashimi, uncooked vegetables and meats, and egg. Yu no wan risk make yu get food poison by dis time as if yu get running belle fit make yu dey dehydrated and e fit make yur uterus contract.
  • If you notice sey yu get any spotting or any kind unusual discharge wen dey smell , make yu see yur gynaecologist. For d early week of belle, d foetus fit no dey stable and so d first trimester na very vulnerable time for mamas.
  • Try make yu no carry anything wen dey heavy. If yu get anything wen yu wan move, go find persin wen go help yu instead make yu go risk yur belle.
Yur Checklist
  • Buy healthy food like spinach (folate), fruits (vitamins and fibre), and milk (calcium) make yu for fit keep yur bodi inside tip-top condition.
  • Make sure sey yu take short, slow walks make yu for keep betta blood circulation. Even d fresh air fit do wonders to help yu improve yur mood. Take yurself go beach or find one quiet park wen yu go fit enjoy some peace and serenity make yur mind for fit calm.
  • If yu fit afford am, make yu look into some prenatal massage package so yu fit get d pampering wen yur bodi deserve during yur second trimester. Make yu take note sey most companies go offer yu their service wen yu dey 13 weeks (once yur second trimester don start) and 32 weeks (before d ninth month start).

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