Belle Week 11: Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 11: Week By Week Guide

Excited to find out about whether your baby can inhale and exhale now? Plus, learn how you can get relief from fatigue and nausea you've been enduring so far!

Welcome to belle week 11, by now yur pikin don start to inhale and exhale small amount of amniotic fluid. Plenti things still dey wen yu fit expect.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach: Belle Week 11

By d time wen yur pikin don reach 11 weeks, e go don big reach lychee.  He go dey around 4.1 cm and weigh around 7.0 g.

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Yur Pikin Development

For inside dis week by week belle guide, you go learn sey:

  • Small tooth buds don dey appear under your pikin gum.
  • Him ears dey kontinue to dey form and go even move go d side of him head.
  • Yur pikin limbs don start to dey move–but yu no go experience sey he kick yu until yu don reach one month or two months sef.
  • Yur pikin don start to dey inhale and exhale small amount of amniotic fluid,wen go help him lungs grow and develop.
  • Him head fit neva dey d same proportion with d rest of d bodi by now, but slowly, bodi development go take ova for d next few weeks so yur pikin go resemble human!
  • From week 11 to week 20, wen b d half way mark, pikin go don tripple him length and him weight go don increase by 30 fold.

Belle Symptoms for Week 11

  • Morning sickness fit start to improve for belle week 11.
  • Yu fit still dey experience headache, migraine or mood swing, e fit even dey combined with sey yu dey quick tire, stress, and emotional changes. All dese things dey affect. D good news for inside dis week by week belle guide be sey yu go soon find relief by d time yu reach yur second trimester wen don near yu finish
  • Some mamas wen get belle fit see sey dia breast dey full  and d areola dey darken. No fear, na normal thing, Na just yur bodi dey prepare imself for yur new pikin.

At 11 weeks, your baby is developing legs and fingers

Belle Care
  • While e dey very important make yu get active lifestyle unless yur gynaecologist talk odawise, e get some kind activities wen yu go wan avoid by now like some kind household work. E no get betta time to involve yur partner pass now. (Dis fit be d best news inside dis week by week belle guide for yu, mama!)
  • Some mamas fit no feel like dem usual self during d first trimester,but make yu hang in dia! Yu don almost reach d end of  of d first leg.  Pamper yurself with manicure and pedicure. E go make yu feel betta. (Yu fit do home service if yu no wan dey inhale all d chemicals wen dey d salon), or yu fit give yurself new haircut.
  • E get  some things you fit do wen yu get belle (acupuncture, massages, hair dyeing, hair removal), but e still boil down to how much of all dose grandmama tori yu believe or how d product take safe reach wen yu wan use so. For product, d one wen no get chemical na im b d best way to go.
 Your Checklist
  • Oscar tests (wen stands for One-Stop Clinic for Assessment of Risk for Fetal Anomalies)na wetin dem dey usually do between weeks 11 to 14 to take screen weda pikin get Down Syndrome amongst others. Yur gynaecologist suppose tell yu make yu prebook yur appointment ahead.  Yu fit even find out yur pikin genda if yu want!

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