Belle Week 25: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 25: Yur Week By Week Guide

Yur pikin fit just be d size of eggplant, but oh, yu no go believe d rate wen he don grow. Him skin don dey turn pink and he get routine. And as for yu mama, yu go dey feel pain and yu go get discomfort.

  • As yur pikin dey quick grow so, yu fit dey get backpain, constipation and haemorrhoid fit even join sef. All dese symptom dey normal so make yu no worri yur pretty head, yu get dis one. Make yu bring on Belle week 25!

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach For Belle Week 25?

Ha! Dis week, yur pikin don turn d size of eggplant. Him/her height go dey around 34.7cm to 36.3 cm and he go weigh between between 672g – 749g.

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Yur Pikin Development

For inside dis week by week belle guide, yu go learn sey:

  • D way wen yur pikin dey move don turn regular thing. He/she go play small o, den rest to fit recova.
  • Yur smally don dey hia, and he sabi yur voice finish. He fit even dey respond wen he dey awake.
  • Him/her skin don dey turn pink as blood vessels don dey form unda d skin(capillaries) and dem don dey get blood inside dem.
  • He/she go do him first official shit dis week but e no go come outside till afta he don commot for yur belle.

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Belle Symptoms
  • Yur bump, wen don dey resemble football, don dey make back dey pain yu.
  • Oda parts of yur bodi don dey pain yu, like yur hips and leg.
  • Yu fit get one vein for yur anus wen dey scratch yu. E dey happen like dat becos yur big uterus don dey push down and e dey make blood for dat part increase.
  • Constipation fit don dey worry yu for belle week 25. If yu dey go toilet and e no dey regular, e fit make yur shit dey hard and yu go get pile. So make yu dey drink plenti water.
 Belle Care
  • For yu to fit reduce bodi pain, make yu dey waka and try to dey do Kegel exercises. Yu fit even try Yoga and step aerobics.
  • Here na wetin yu fit find for inside dis week by week belle guide: If yu don get plenti bodi or yu feel sey yu dey bloated becos of gas and acidity for dis second trimester wen yu dey so, make yu quick go see doktor.
Di Checklist
  • Make yu go set up antenatal appointment with yur doktor.  Yur doktor or  midwife go fit measure d size of yur uterus, take sample of yur urine make dem for run test for gestational diabetes and lack of protein for bodi.
  • Make yu download our birth plan checklist.

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