Belle Week 29: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 29: Yur Week By Week Guide

Plenti things dey happen to yur pikin now wen dey amazing well well, including di way wen yur pikin brain dey quick ghrow. As for yu, mama, make yu watch di way wen yur iron take dey drop, so e betta make yu start to take yur supplements dem.

Yur big day don dey reach o, mumma! Yur bodi go don dey jollificate sey yu wan meet dis yur bundle of joy. As for yur expectations for belle week 29, just prepare yur mind sey yu go dey feel yur pikin dey move around as he dey quick grow so. Make yu kontinu to dey read to sabi wetin yu go expect dis month.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach For Belle Week 29?

By now, yur pikin don big reach di size of pawpaw, dey weigh 1.25 kg and height na 26 cm. He/she don come get plenti fat unda him/her skin and e don dey gada bodi now pass as before.

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week belle guide, yu go sabi sey:

  • Yur pikin head don dey grow to fit accomodate him brain wen dey grow fast so.
  • If na man pikin yu dey expect, him testicles go don dey move from wia dem been dey nia him kidney and go dey travel down to him groin. If na girl pikin, her clitoris don dey obvious, but her labia wen still dey small neva fit cova am well.
  • Him muscles and lungs don dey mature.
  • Na so him hearing don realli improve.
  • Yur pikin go start to create more blood wen he go use by himself.

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Belle Symptoms
  • Yur pikin kick and punch go hard sotey yur breathe go wan lost, e fit even cause yu betta pain and yu go piss wen yu no even mean am.
  • As yur pikin dey use most of di nutrients wen yu dey take in, yu go feel sey yu wan chop again even afta yu just chop finish now now. Make yu fight dis temptation and believe sey yur pikin dey get all di nutrient wen he need.
  • As yur hormones dey do yu like sey yu dey ontop see-saw so, yu go dey experience rashes for yur skin, dryness and yur skin go scratch yu like sey tomorrow no dey. Try make yu no scratch am and make yu dey moisturize am efiri time.
  • Yu fit dey get mood swings and yu go dey tire becos of di amount of weight wen yu don gada.
Belle Care
  • Yur level of iron fit reduce for belle week 29. E go betta if yu take average of  30 mg  efiri day from prenatal vitamins or dietary sources.
  • Use yur side take sleep (usualli yur left side na im betta) make yu and yur pikin fit dey comfortable, make blood circulation for fit improve.
Di Checklist
  • Make yu start to research di kine birthing class wen yu wan take; E go betta if yu book am down make uyu for fit secure yur slot.
  • Yu dey plan some kine postnatal massage? Na betta thing if yu start to find di package wen dey best for yu (look hia)make yu book yur service. Yu wan make sure sey yu don pampa yur bodi by di time yu wan born.
  • For some case, yu fit don dey get varicose vein for yur leg. Make yu dey use compression stockings, no forget to use stool take raise yur leg make yu fit reduce di swelling.
  • Make sure sey yu chop betta food wen get iron, as e go help yu build yur red blood cells.

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