Belle week 30: Your week by week guide

Belle week 30: Your week by week guide

Yur pikin growth go soon start to slow down, but for now, him brain still dey grow fast. For yu mama, yu fit dey get heartburn. Make yu see how yu fit stop am.

For belle week 30, yur pikin lungs and digestive tract don nearli mature finish.  As for yur health, make yu kontinu to dey rest well and take am easy as yu dey  travel thru dis last lap of yur belle.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach For Belle Week 30?

Yur pikin don big reach big pomelo, and him height na 27cm and weight 1.36 kg. Di rate wen yur pikin dey grow fit don dey slow down but he/she go kontinu to dey add weight for di weeks wen dey come.

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week belle guide, yu go sabi sey:

  • Yur pikin brain and him new fat cells don dey balance him bodi temperature.
  • Him/her lanugo (di soft, downy hair wen dey cover yur pikin body) don dey disappear.
  • Na yur pikin bone marrow dey produce red cells now for belle week 30.
  • Di surface part of yur pikin brain wen been smooth till now go start to get all di plenti dent now.
  • Him lungs don nearli mature for belle week 30.

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Belle Symptoms
  • Di mood swings and morning sickness wen yu get for di beginning of yur belle fit come back now, becos of uncomfortable symptoms and changes for hormones wen combine.
  • Yu fit get betta pain once yu get heartburn. Na any time of di day e fit happen but na night own na im fit give yu discomfort pass.
  • Becos of all di change wen dey happen for yur hormones, all yur joints go come dey loose, wen fit make yur balance dey off small.
  • Dis yur ligament wen relax so fit make yur feet spread permanentli, so yu go need to go buy new shoes wen big.
Belle Care
  • Make yu try dey practice betta posture as e go help reduce di pain wen dey yur lower back.
  • Rest well, make yu take am easy as yu dey sail through yur last trimester. Wen yu fit rest well, e go help yu with all di belle symptoms,get pains, and hormonal imbalances wen yu dey get.
  • To help combat heartburn during pregnancy.
  • Make yu siddon straight wen yu dey chop, even afta some time don pass still.
  • Try make yu dey chop like two hours before yu sleep so yur bodi go get enuf time take digest di food.
  • Use pillow take support yurself wen yu dey sleep, make yu no lie down flat on top bed.
Yur Checklist
  • If yu dey think am sey yu wan use herbs take baff before yu born, make yu check out all dose chinese medical halls dem or use dis recipe wen dey easy.
  • Go see yur doktor for regular check-ups, ultrasounds, and blood tests.

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