Belle Week 32: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 32: Yur Week By Week Guide

Yur pikin no dey move plenti like before again becos of how he/she take dey sleep now. Na now be di best time wen yu fit sabi di sign of preterm labour, and start to host yur baby shower.

Now, yu don dey belle week 32, na im be sey yur pikin no dey transparent again. Yur belle sef dey expand as day dey go but dat one na sign sey yur pikin dey grow. Hurray!

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach For Belle Week 32?

Yur pikin don big reach small rock melon dis week, and him height and weight na 1.8 kg and  29 cm! Yur smally bodi don dey round becos of di fat wen don store for him bodi.

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How Yur Pikin Dey Develop? 

Inside dis week by week guide, yu go learn sey:

  • Yur pikin don dey swallow, breath, kick, and suck.
  • Him/her digestive system don dey readi.
  • Him/her skin no dey transparent again.
  • He/she don dey sleep well. Na wetin make am no dey move plenti like before again.

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Belle Symptoms
  • Yur belle wen don swell for belle week 32 don dey scratch yu as yur skin dey stretch and dry.
  • Yu fit get serious pain for yur leg wen night reach.
  • Yur uterus wen dey grow so dey cramp yur bowel, and e dey make yu dey sluggish.
  • As yur breast dey big for dis third trimesta, e fit dey commot some kine yellow water wen dem dey call colostrum, and na im dey show before breast milk.
Belle Care
  • Make yu dey do regular exercise and try drink enough water.
  • Carry snacks wen get protein and carbohydrate inside yur bag just in case yu start to dey dizzy.
  • Use calamine lotion take rub yur bodi wen dey scratch yu.
Yur Checklist
  • No allow di stretch marks wen dey yur bodi disturb yu. Plenti women dey get am. And na sign sey yur pikin dey grow well.
  • Make yu start to learn di sign of labour.
  • Time don reach make yu do baby shower!

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