Belle Week 35: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 35: Yur Week By Week Guide

Yur pikin liver and kidney don develop finish now. E dey amazing. As for yu mama, see wetin yu fit experience if yu cough or sneeze.

For belle week 35, yur pikin don dey grow and mature slow and steadi so he go dey healthi once he commot for belle. Read make yu sabi more.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach For Belle Week 35?

By belle week 35, yur pikin don reach di size of honeydew melon. He suppose dey 32cm for length and 2.55kg for weight.

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week guide, yu go sabi say:

  • Na efiri time yur pikin dey add weight; him/her body get 15 percent fat.
  • He/she dey kick more now.
  • He/she don get liver and kidney wen don develop finish.
  • Him/her brainpower dey develop fast.
Belle Symptoms
  • Yur uterus go don reach yur ribs by now.
  • For belle week 35, yu dey get plenti heartburn or oda belle wahala.
  • Yu still dey piss plenti.
  • Yu fit lose small bladder control wen yu cough, sneeze, or even laugh.
  • Yu fit dey get headache occasionalli.
  • Skin rashes na anoda wahala.
  • Yur gums fit dey bleed.
  • Yu still dey feel clumsy.
  • Mild contractions don dey start as yur body dey prepare for labour.

pregnancy week 35

Belle Care
  • Na now yu fit do vaginal and anal culture to check weda any bacteria dey grow.
  • Dey practice kegel exercise as e go make yur pelvic muscle strong wen yu wan born.
  • Rememba to drink water plenti.
  • Chop food wen healthi.
  • Yu go dey nervous as yur D-day don nia. Soothe yursef, think all di things we yu love to do.
Yur Checklist
  • Make yu wash, fold and keep all yur pikin cloth.
  • Create birth plan (download it here)if yu neva do so long before yu get di first contraction. Dis way, yu go sabi who yu wan call and wia to go once labour start.

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Translated By Anino Aganbi

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Anino Aganbi