Belle Week 40: Yur Week By Week Guide

Belle Week 40: Yur Week By Week Guide

Yu don dey feel impatient as yu dey wait for yur pikin wen don miss di memo. No lose sleep on top am. Instead gada all di rest wen yu need.

Mamas, yu don eagerli dey count down di days to dis final week. Congrats sey yu reach belle week 40! Time don nearli reach make yu meet yur munchkin. No forget sey na onli 5 % of pikin dey arrive for dia estimated due date. So no worri if yur pikin still stay inside belle small.

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How Yur Pikin Take Big Reach For Belle Week 40?

Yu dey carri full sized pumpkin inside belle. Since yur pikin don reach full term dis week, he/she don dey measure around  51.2cm and weigh around 3.4kg!

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Yur Pikin Development

Inside dis week by week guide, yu go sabi sey:

  • He/she don dey make him way through di birth canal.
  • Him/her skull bones neva fuse yet. Dis go allow di bones ovalap if di journey from di birth canal tight.

40 Weeks Pregnant

Belle Symptoms
  • For belle week 40, yu go start to feel uncomfortable as yur pikin dey move down yur pelvis.
  • Yu go feel pain for yur belle, vaginal area and along yur legs.
Belle Care
  • No lose sleep wen and wia yur water go break.
  • Learn to recognize wen yur amniotic sac don break. Amniotic fluid dey colourless and odourless. If yu see sey di liquid dey yellow and dey smell of ammonia, yu fit dey leak piss.
  • Anoda way to test weda yur amniotic sac don burst na to try to stop di flow wen yu squeeze yur pelvic muscle (kegel exercises). If di flow stop, den na urine. If not, den na amniotic fluid. If yur water break and yu see sey e green or brown, call yur doktor quick. Na im be sey yur pikin don shit inside yur uterus.
Yur Checklist
  • With yur pikin wen dey due any time now, di best thing for yu na make yu just relax.

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Yu get any question for dis weekli belle guide? Wetin be yur current concern? Drop yur comment for unda!

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Anino Aganbi